Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Home Tomorrow!!

Hello friends. We are heading home tomorrow. Just at Tweed Heads now and will finish our final part of the journey home tomorrow. Haven't managed to blog while away as we didn't get the computer out to download the photos. Just a quicky now to say hello and will talk again soon. We have been to Thredbo, Canberra and now at Tweed Heads. Will be back on line again properly on Monday. I have my twice a year big market on Sunday so will be busy with that when I get back. Ok hons, have no pics just yet so will sign off and go take the littlies for a swim again. Hope you are all well and will talk soon. ox Ali

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Holiday In the Snow!

Hello lovely friends. I know I know, it has been a while. So sorry about that. It has been crazily busy for me over the last few weeks. With the sale on at ADRegan, Miss Ali orders, and just general mothering of three precious children and hubby away it has been a tad hectic. Ok this one won't be too long either lol. Just wanted to let everyone know that we are heading to the snow tomorrow and will be back online Mon 5th nov. Will post more details and pics when we get back. Have some friends house sitting for us so if you need to contact me urgently then just email and I will check in to see what I need to answer. Before I go i thought i would share some pics of the fun my Joshy and Gracie got up to yesterday with Grandma. They went to a local wildlife park with their grandma and uncle, in a bid to give me some time to get myself ready for the upcoming market which is 2 days after i get back. Anyway, thought my US friends would like to see some Aussie animals. Enjoy the pics and everyone take care while i am gone. Don't miss me too much will you lol. Talk soon. oxoxo Ali

PS. I have put a closed sign up on both websites. Please feel free to place orders though and I will attend to them when I get back. ox
. . .



Joshy & Grandma with Python

with Crocodile

with Cockatoo

feeding Kangaroos

Joshy bravely touching Mr Python

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Should I or Shouldn't I ??

Available at Miss Ali's $12 for set of 4
* * *
Hello my lovely friends. I thought I had better write a quick post letting you know that I have, after many requests, added my shabby christmas cards to Miss Ali's and are available as a set of 4 as shown. They feature the beautiful artwork of my dear friend Natasha Burns as many of you would probably recognise. I personally don't celebrate Christmas anymore, since I learned of its origins in Pagan worship and the instructions in Scripture to not worship the God of Israel the way the Pagans do. I have however offered them on my wholesale site, and some of my retail customers wondered why they couldn't find them on Miss Ali's. I hummed and haaed (is that a word lol) about whether to offer them as I didn't feel comfortable giving the impression that I was for the whole thing. Anyway, they are there for all who would like some lol. Not sure how long they will last there though. If I feel convicted I will take them down. Anyway, just thought I better let everybody know where I stand. I don't want to make a big issue out of it just thought I would share a little of where I feel the Lord is leading me personally at the moment. We all have to decide for ourselves what is right and wrong and for me I choose to celebrate the Feasts and Days laid out in Scripture over those that are widely celebrated today. Ok that is my little speel, not sure too many of you cared to read it though lol. oxoxo take care one and all and may Truth find you where you are. oxox Ali

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Gorgeous Shabby Glass Knobs at Miss Ali's!

I am very pleased to announce that I am now supplying a lovely range of assorted Shabby glass knobs at Miss Ali's. Above are a few you will find, and stocks are limited so get in quick. Orders will be taken if you are requiring a larger quantity so just email me for details. Knobs are expected to arrive early this week, and will be sent out as soon as I receive them. Thanks for looking and hope I can be your best source for your shabby hardware needs. If you are chasing anything in particular, just ask as I have a range of goodies available to me if I know what you need. Talk soon and take care. ox Ali

Thursday, October 4, 2007

My 5 year old Chef & a Tribute to my Parents!!

My precious Liam, spent the day last sunday with his very loving and patient Grandad & Grandma. My lovely dad just sent me through this photo of Liam and his 'playdoh' meal. Grandad and Liam made a special meal of Corn Beef, carrots, corn and peas. They did such a great job of it and I thought I would share it with you. My children are so fond of their grandparents, and I feel blessed beyond words for their constant love and support of us all. My Dad, is so patient with the kids and will just sit on the ground at (59 years) and play for hours with the kids. He plays all sorts of wonderful games that him and Liam come up with and is such a special part of his life. Grandma sits and reads books to the kids and is so organised and when I go to pick the kids up sometimes when they have enjoyed the day or night with them, their clothes are washed and ironed and the kids come out looking all sparkly and clean and the bag is ready to unpack straight into the cupboard. I am always amazed by their love. So this is a tribute to you my precious parents, who I am sure, I couldn't love more if I tried. Thank you for all you have instilled in me and now to my children. We thank you and love you and know that Gods blessing in our lives includes you both. oxoxo Ali

Monday, October 1, 2007

Special Discount Just for You!

Hello all my lovely friends, I stayed up late last night adding some new products to Miss Ali's
and I decided I would offer a Blogging Friend voucher. There are 10 vouchers to be given, and they go to the first 10 orders to be received using the voucher 'Blogging Friend'. So when you place your order put the words Blogging Friend into the voucher box and you will receive 10% off your total order. Only 10 to give away, enjoy!!
Beautiful Green Glass Knobs coming very soon!!
More new products coming soon, including lovely glass knobs at very affordable prices. Also gorgeous little ribbon hair clips for your little ones and also some beautiful ribbons for your crafting ideas. So check back later this week for some new fun treasures. ox
Take care everyone and talk soon, Ali