Saturday, August 22, 2009

Welcome Rachel Bethany !

Hello lovely friends and family. Sorry to take so long to announce our Princess. We welcomed Rachel Bethany into our hearts and family on Friday at 11.06am. We ended up going in on the Thursday night for an induction but nothing happened during the night, so in the morning my waters were broken and another two hours went by with still nothing. So with the threat of the syntocin drip I headed out to the stair well. Before long I was in the middle of 2 minutely contractions with which I waddled ever so slowly back to birth suite where I anticipated all sorts of interference. Thankfully they could tell I was in proper regular labour, so they left me to it. I hopped straight into the shower and stayed there till she slid out. From beginning to end of labour was 1 hour and 22 minutes. So it was intense and effective and ever so unfomfortable lol. But out she came all 7lb 9ozs of her. She is just delicious. She seems so very tiny and fragile and my other three kiddies seem so much bigger than they did only a few days ago. My husband has been such a blessing and has been getting in there holding the fort while I recover and spend time with our little one. He was fabulous during labour and came in the shower with me fully dressed mind you, and rubbed my back during each contraction and sprayed the warm water where it hurt most. It was very comforting knowing he was with me and I felt like it was a team effort this time. Treasured memories for sure. Ok well, so pleased to have the labour and birth behind us now as we look forward to our future with our ever growing family. Blessings to you all as you embrace what each days brings to your families. Much love to you all. ox Ali

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

10 Days overdue

Hello friends, well, just a quick post to let you know what is happening with this baby. I am 10 days overdue now and booked for an induction in less than an hour now. So thought I would take one last pic (with my video cam lol) as I am hoping to come home a little smaller in a few days. I had my first two boys induced and then my daughter came on her own and now number four reverting back to induction. Not sure what the go is there but at least I know the time till I meet her will be short. (hopefully). So this is me saying goodbye and hope to talk to you soon. Will do a post when I get home from Hospital with my special news and photos. We think it is a girl, but now I am starting to wonder if maybe it is a boy, late like the others. Anyway, we shall know soon. We covet your prayers as we go and face this adventure. Blessings to you all and will be in touch soon I am sure. oxox Ali