Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Goodbye Miss Ali's

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After a year or more of struggling with the idea of giving up my own life for the sake of my family, i have decided to close Miss Ali's down. The time has come, or rather is long overdue, that I pour myself into my family. It was a tough decision to give it all up, but I have tried so hard to cut down, etc and I always find myself getting sucked back into it to the point where my work takes my focus. And that is not ok. So I am saying goodbye to my little business for now. Time for the children, time for our whole family to have a full time mum. Home schooling is going to be a lot more involved this year and I really can't do both. So..... Miss Ali's is having a closing sale over the next few days before i close the doors. Everything in store is marked down, so if you would like any of my products before they are gone, just head over and get them while they are still up.

I want to take this opportunity to say a hearty THANK YOU to all of you who have shown your support to me over the years. Your kindness has been so appreciated and I shall remember with fondness all the friends I have made through my website, designing, markets and customer visits. I look with fondness over the last few years and really have enjoyed all the highs and lows of creating and selling and designing. I will keep this blog going for now, so if you would like to contact me once the website closes, please do so here or through my email if you have it. I won't put it up here as my inbox will fill with spam over night lol. So thank you one and all and who knows when I may be back. For now my web designs will still be available through my dear friend Robin at Boutique Mama and I plan to, as time permits, add new OOAK web designs there. So head over to Miss Ali's one last time while you can....

See You there

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Monday, November 24, 2008

I'm Back

Hello lovely blogging friends. I am finally back from our month or so over in New Zealand. We had a wonderful time together for the most part. We laughed often and enjoyed having each others company. We managed to enjoy Queenstown while it was snowing up at Coronet Peak. That was the first time we had been in the snow while it was actually snowing. Aparently they had a cold snap while we were there. But really heated up a few days before we came home, just to prepare us for our hot and humid weather here. Oh boy, we came home and were asking ourselves why we choose to live in Townsville. I really start to wonder. I am very thankful for our air conditioning and wouldn't like to go back to no escape from the heat. I have added some photos for you to enjoy below of our trip.

Cadbury World, Dunedin

Stunning isn't it?

Who could come to NZ and not go to Cadbury World? Not us!

This one I will explain lol. It is my Uncle Nige and our kids and Matt driving the front end loader on the Chook farm they have in Hastings. The kids thought it was just the ants pants.

Sorry for too many photos, will catch up with you all soon I am sure. I have an announcement to make also, but will start a new post for that. talk soon, Ali