Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Goodbye Miss Ali's

Handmade Cards $3.50 ea

Handmade Delicious Soap only $3 ea

After a year or more of struggling with the idea of giving up my own life for the sake of my family, i have decided to close Miss Ali's down. The time has come, or rather is long overdue, that I pour myself into my family. It was a tough decision to give it all up, but I have tried so hard to cut down, etc and I always find myself getting sucked back into it to the point where my work takes my focus. And that is not ok. So I am saying goodbye to my little business for now. Time for the children, time for our whole family to have a full time mum. Home schooling is going to be a lot more involved this year and I really can't do both. So..... Miss Ali's is having a closing sale over the next few days before i close the doors. Everything in store is marked down, so if you would like any of my products before they are gone, just head over and get them while they are still up.

I want to take this opportunity to say a hearty THANK YOU to all of you who have shown your support to me over the years. Your kindness has been so appreciated and I shall remember with fondness all the friends I have made through my website, designing, markets and customer visits. I look with fondness over the last few years and really have enjoyed all the highs and lows of creating and selling and designing. I will keep this blog going for now, so if you would like to contact me once the website closes, please do so here or through my email if you have it. I won't put it up here as my inbox will fill with spam over night lol. So thank you one and all and who knows when I may be back. For now my web designs will still be available through my dear friend Robin at Boutique Mama and I plan to, as time permits, add new OOAK web designs there. So head over to Miss Ali's one last time while you can....

See You there

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Monday, November 24, 2008

I'm Back

Hello lovely blogging friends. I am finally back from our month or so over in New Zealand. We had a wonderful time together for the most part. We laughed often and enjoyed having each others company. We managed to enjoy Queenstown while it was snowing up at Coronet Peak. That was the first time we had been in the snow while it was actually snowing. Aparently they had a cold snap while we were there. But really heated up a few days before we came home, just to prepare us for our hot and humid weather here. Oh boy, we came home and were asking ourselves why we choose to live in Townsville. I really start to wonder. I am very thankful for our air conditioning and wouldn't like to go back to no escape from the heat. I have added some photos for you to enjoy below of our trip.

Cadbury World, Dunedin

Stunning isn't it?

Who could come to NZ and not go to Cadbury World? Not us!

This one I will explain lol. It is my Uncle Nige and our kids and Matt driving the front end loader on the Chook farm they have in Hastings. The kids thought it was just the ants pants.

Sorry for too many photos, will catch up with you all soon I am sure. I have an announcement to make also, but will start a new post for that. talk soon, Ali

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Going to New Zealand

Photo taken at Lake Tekapo, New Zealand

Well lovlies, we are off for a little family holiday at long last. Hubby decided a few weeks back that it was time for the long anticipated holiday back to my native country. We leave next week and won't be back till end of November. Can't wait for all the bonding that we will do as we campervan through this incredible and rugged country, both Islands.

Our home for the next month.

So I plan to close my website this week and won't be reopening till end of November. Last orders that will be processed before I leave need to be in by tomorrow 5 October 08 to enable me time to complete them.
So take care everyone, and I will be back online in about 6 weeks or so. Take care all and be safe. ox Ali

Saturday, September 20, 2008

And the Winner is...


Congratulations precious girl, you will be receiving your little parcel shortly. Thanks again to those of you who took the time to enter and leave me your comments. It is a little bit of fun isn't it? Ok I will go and notify Siobhan now too. ox thanks again all and if you missed out and would like some cards, they can be purchased through my site here. More giveaway's to come though... Special thanks goes to my little giveaway assistant, Gracie. ox

Monday, September 15, 2008

Rocky Road...with Liam

You will need:
500gms good quality milk chocolate
200gms marshmellows
250gms turkish delight
handful of nuts
1/2 cup desicated (grated dried) coconut

We made this for our poppy's birthday present and hope he enjoys it. Give it a go yourself if you like and let mum know if you do and what you think of it. Thanks for watching, stay tuned for my next cooking adventure.... Liam xo

Last Nights Concert

Troy Cassidaly
Gina Jeffries & Beccy Cole
Beccy Cole, Gina Jeffries & Sara Storer
The Songbirds
Matty & the kids

Last night I took the little ones down to see the concert my hubby was working. Matty (hubby) runs a production company here in Townsville. He provides sound, lighting, staging and techs etc for concerts and other proffesional events across Australia, and abroad at times as well. Well anyway, last night he did one here locally so we came along to support him and check out all of his hard work. Fronteirs Services put on a fundraising concert feautring Troy Cassidaly, and The Songbirds (Becky Cole, Gina Jeffries, and Sara Storer). Money raised goes to helping the familes of the Outback who do it tough. So was a fun night and my parents also came along to keep us company. The kids loved it and ran around up the back and hung off Matt for some of it too. He found it a little stressful having them their but at the same time, I am sure he loved us seeing him work too. The truth is I am proud of my husband, we may not always see eye to eye on some things but he works hard and I love that about him. He gives his best and is loved because of that. He has worked with many artists now and I will have to do a post one day with photos of him and the artists he has worked with just for fun, and to show him how much I think of him. He is super sweet and you can check out his main website here.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

My Children

Giveaway Post Below !!
This is my baby with her baby. Taken the other day when she fell asleep on my bed. I couldn't resist snapping her in this angelic state. What a darlin little princess she is. A real sweet heart. Her baby's name is Cherry and she goes everywhere our little one goes.
Don't they grow so fast, only two years ago I was announcing her arrival and already she is so grown up. She loves to sing and dance and is a real little girl.
It has been such a long time since I did a personal post. So I thought it was high time I shared something personal. I guess my children are as good a place to start as any.
For anyone who knows me well knows, that my precious children are the apple of my eye. They are as dear to me as life itself. This year we made the decision to begin home schooling. With only my eldest son at school age, it was a good time to start. It has been somewhat of a challenge for me, battling between the life I had become accustomed to and the life I wanted to learn to love.
I started my Miss Ali's and before that adregan.com a few years ago and used it as an outlet for my creativity. I have always created and sold my creations since I can remember. Even as a little one I used to have stalls out the front of our house, selling my books, coconuts or anything else i could find. I love to sell. Well, the other day I went outside to find my eldest son like this..... He had done the same thing. He had created bookmarks and had set up a stall at the front of our house. It was such a laugh and brought back memories of me. We of course all came out and purchased 2 bookmarks each, which then, he decided, left him short in variety, so asked for one of them back from each of us. So precious. Graciously the boy from next door also came and brought his little sister and purchased some also, very cute and such a lovely boost for our boy. He is saving his pennies as he is wanting to set up his own workshop downstairs. He is saving to buy a drill to start with. We have his money counted and written down and we are working towards his goal. He has done some little jobs for me today to earn some pocket money. He is a great little worker and not afraid to get stuck in. Just a lovely boy with a heart to please.

Well onto our middle son, such a joker and always making me laugh. This little one is the loud one of the family, boystrous in every way. Wakes up slowly and emerges into a loving little soul who is always ready for a cuddle and a book. Loves to read and sits for ages flicking through pages of his favourite books, which at this stage of life, includes Huckle and Lowly books. He is rough and tumble and a true boy.
Ok, I will end it there before it turns into a book. I plan to get more personal from now on and will try and make the time to stay in touch. Hope you are all well. I do often lurk without posting, so just because i haven't commented doesn't mean i haven't stopped by. I must make more time for blogging..... I must ...... I must. ox love to you all. Ali

Giveaway! - draw 21st Sep 08

Thank you to all who entered my little giveaway. The draw is now CLOSED and the winner will be announced shortly. ox

Hello friends, to celebrate the launch of my latest card Range, I have decided to have a giveaway. Just comment on this post to enter your name. I will announce the winner next Sunday 21 Sep. Prize includes my new French Collage Card Range of 5 and includes free postage worldwide. Great for framing in a series for a striking effect as shown. All the best everyone for the draw. You can see my latest product additions to Miss Ali's here! Hope you are all well and keeping out of mischeif. Will be doing more posts of a personal nature soon. Take care one and all and talk soon ox Ali
Just COMMENT to Enter !

Friday, September 12, 2008

New French Card Range!

New French Range!!
Just a very quick announcement to introduce my newest French Collage Card Range. Each card has been embellished with German Glass glitter which just adds a real vintage and 3 dimensional sparkly finish.

Also I have decided not to go ahead with the Markets now and instead have set up shop at home. So if there are any local ladies that are in need of a gift you are now welcome to come around once again. Welcome and I look forward to hearing from you in the future.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and be safe. ox Ali

Monday, September 1, 2008

Change of Plans!

- The lovely Natty my very able assistant. Natalie will most likely be keeping shop on my off weeks each fortnight -
Hello lovely friends, I am back from our little family holiday up north but will keep Miss Ali's shut for another week to try and give myself some time to get caught up. For the locals there is a change of plans to the market dates. We did our first Showground Market on 24th August outside the main building, but have decided we will not attend them again until we can secure a permanent stall indoors, which will enable us to create more of a little shop atmosphere and leave our goodies there each week and continue to add to it. I have felt a little swamped in my studio at home and think it will be a great idea to have the 'for sale' products housed and set up somewhere our local customers can come and browse and rely on. If and when we secure this indoor spot, we will be opening each Sunday, subject to changes obviously but that will be the plan. Organisers of the market have given me a rough 2-3 week anticipated wait on that, so will keep you posted.

A big box of new books have arrived and i will endeavour this week to get them listed on Miss Ali's for next weeks opening. Also new bookmarks have come in and the cutest little pendants i designed as well. All will be listed as time permits, so keep checking back for those. I am having a little break from design work at the moment also to focus more of my time on my young children and keeping home etc. I am sorry for those of you who are dissapointed by my decision and I thank you all for your business over the last couple of years. I will keep you posted with any new ventures and design work available as we go. Still deciding whether to offer my OOAK's web designs and if so how and where to do that best. Ok, I will leave you with a photo from our market the other Sunday and a few of our new books in stock, to be listed soon. ox

Monday, August 18, 2008

Announcement for the Local Girls

Hello strangers, sorry for the long delay in posts. I have had much to say but none of it has made it to my blog. I thought i better make a little announcment for the local Towsville ladies here. As of this Sunday 24th August, we will be holding a stall at the Showground Markets EVERY FORTNIGHT. We will have a stall just outside the main hall but in time hope to move into the hall itself for a more permanent arrangement. I hope to see many of you there. We did a market last month and it was a great success. We have restocked and are hoping to see some of you attend our new market on a regular basis. We will be offering a lovely selection of Prints by the lovely Gail McCormack, beautiful handmade soaps just arrived, also just arrived is a huge big selection of shabby style books, and Shabby Chic DVD's to boot. Handmade stationery, scrap packs, collage sheets, handmade cards, Vintage German Glass Glitter, seam binding, bookmarks, hot packs, glass knobs, vintage papers and more will be available. Hope to see you there.

My computer is having some issues and I have been unable to download photos from my camera so will get the new soaps and books up as soon as I can to Miss Ali's.

I will not be taking any custom orders for a bit now as I have a break from the custom side of things. I will however continue to be offering my OOAK websites through Boutique Mama, with new designs coming September. I hope also to add to my range of pre designed business cards and bits, collage sheets, and also Labels. Also I have designed a range of gorgeous pendants and am currently having them created in America for exclusive sale at Miss Ali's. Will let you know here, when new things are added to my site. Ok lovlies, that is enough words with no fun pictures. Thanks for reading if you are still with me lol. xo

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Heaps of New things at Miss Ali's!

Wow, I have been one busy girl lately. I have added new scrumptious supplies to my store like gorgeous Seam Binding, German Glass Glitter and Swarovski Rhinestones to name a few. New vintage style Scrap Packs and Collage Sheets available as Print Your Own. Also I just added a new Blog Design called Rich Elegance and many more things are coming... I have a big market this Sunday at the Holy Spirit School here in Townsville for anyone that can come along and have some fun. Starts at 8.30am so don't be late as all the good stuff goes quickly to the serious shoppers lol. Should be fun. I will be assisted by my very able assistant Liam and a dear friend. Will post pics next week of our stall. It has been ages since I was on here and have so much to post about. My days seem to be going quicker than ever, do yours? Crazy. Anyway, lots more to do before Sunday so better go and price things and get myself organised while the little ones are asleep. Talk soon and thanks for stopping by. I don't imagine I have many who do visit as I am one big slack blogger, so thank you. oxox Miss Ali