Monday, October 5, 2009

6 weeks and counting!

Rachel and me

Grace and Rachel

Grace, Liam, Rachel and Joshy.

Hello friends and family, hoping you are all well and keeping out of mischeif. To all those of you who have been enjoying the recent dust storms, lol, how did you fare? Hopefully no body was too seriously stricken by the dust. We seemed to just cop sore throats and dry eyes. We kept the windows and doors shut when we could stand the heat as to not welcome to much into our home.

Well my little princess Rachel is 6 and a half weeks old now. Been a little bit unsettled of late, but nothing she won't get through I am sure. Bit windy is all. She is so delightful and is talking and smiling at us when we focus our attention and converstation her way. The top photo of her and I was taken a few hours ago on the web cam, but the other ones of the kids were a couple of weeks ago. She looks different to that already. Alert and strong and very aware of what is happening around her.

The two big boys are on school holidays, well one started back today actually. It has been lovely having them at home, and at Grandma and Grandads. Matty (hubby) took the two boys away for a week to a job he had in Sarina, and the eldest three have spent time off and on at my parents, so all in all a lovely relaxing holiday for everyone, especially me lol.

Ok, Rachel must have sensed i had sat down to type, as she has just woken up crying. I tell you, I can do housework, cooking or anything but sit down and she won't wake, soon as i have some ME time, she wakes up wanting my attention. Oh well, that is what it is all about isn't it. I shall enjoy the time with her this little while i have it. Ok friends, that was quicker than i had planned but it is a good excuse to come back and do another one real soon. Let you know what I have been up to in the crafty department. Much love to you all, Ali