Sunday, July 29, 2007

My Little Lemon Princess Gown!!

Just thought I would take some pics of the lemon gown I purchased yesterday for Grace. These delicious creations are by Melissa Lewis. See last post for more details. I would love to hear any comments you have about these sweet girls work. They are keen to hear any feedback you might have. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. talk soon. ox Ali

A Delight to Behold!!

It is my great pleasure to introduce to you some incredibly talented beautiful women who are without doubt some of the cleverest & most stylish women I know. Below you will enjoy the creations of Sue Betteridge, Melissa Lewis and Cheryl Kealy. Enjoy!

Above: stunning cream handbag by Cheryl Kealy. Paris Chic Jewellery Rolls and stunning coat hangars by Sue Betteridge.

Melissa of 'Botanica Couture' and Sue of 'A Gentle Touch' also mother and daughter
(The apple hasn't fallen far from the tree)
This incredible original Feather Fairy Gown is available FOR SALE
- please enquire for details -
I have the priviledge of selling these incredible works of art through my website and hope to have some to offer you soon. Each is a work of art and will be offered as they become available. Currently this is the only one for sale. I plan to post better pictures of it as soon as I can get them.
These are very original and stunning creations by Melissa Lewis. Melissa has created a handful of the most incredible Fairy gowns. Each is Very Original and Highly Collectible. Created using silk flower petals, bark, leaves, feathers, and all sorts of other fascinating mediums. I couldn't resist and snapped up the lemon gown you can see in some of the pics. It is the most incredible thing I think I have ever seen, and believe me I have seen a lot. I can't stop looking at it. It is sitting proudly above Gracie's cot for now. I bought it as an heirloom and I know Gracie will cherish it always.

I was torn between this gorgeous pink rose gown and the lemon one I ended up choosing. Of course this pink one was snapped up by someone else. The photos do not do them any justice at all. Sorry about that. More coming soon (I hope)

You can see here two gorgeous smaller gowns, these were snapped up within minutes as you can imagine. Has anyone ever seen anything like these?? I am amazed at their intricacy.

Sue Betteridge of 'A Gentle Touch' produces an exquisite line of Chic pamperings. You can see in most of the pictures her styleish flare. Here product ranges include jewellery rolls, make up bags, travel bags, coat hangars, tissue pouches, travel pouches, elegant night wear, sunglass cases, tissue box covers, embroidery scissor pouches and tape measure wraps to name a few. Sue holds classes in her home and passes on her skills to other eager ladies wanting to learn her style of elegance with the needle. Many of Sue's stunning ranges feature hand stiched embroidery and you can be absolutely confident that each and every peice created is a work of art.

These romantic sweet totes were created by the very talented Cheryl Kealy of Toowoomba. I own a few of Cheryl's bags myself and can guarantee you will get lots of comments when you step out in style with one of her beautiful bags.
Ok, well I hope you have enjoyed all of that 'eye candy'. I will keep you posted and let you know as soon as these beautiful products will be available through my site. I look forward to making my site a one stop shop for exquisite handcrafted giftware. Talk soon. ox

Yesterday's Market !!

Well, I am back. I had my big twice a year market yesterday here in Sunny Townsville. We went really well and had a lovely day. The weather was great and there was a steady stream of customers. I have added some pics for you to see if anyone is interested. I had the priviledge of offering the gorgeous work of Gail McCormack on my stall and it was the first time I had offered her beautiful art work in my home town. Needless to say it was a big hit and we had people lined up waiting to purchase their peice of Gail. At this market there is a strict 8.30am start time so the serious buyers get there early and stake there claim and soon as it ticks over to 8.30am they go for it. I had ladies barring prints so no one else could beat them to it lol. So thank you so much to my dear friend Gail for allowing me to showcase her delightful gifts to our local ladies. I am sure you will be getting many new customers Gail as I handed out a heap of your cards to undecided customers who I directed to your site for their final purchases. Hope you hear from some of them soon. Ok, enjoy the pics everyone and I would love to hear everyones comments or suggestions for next time. And stay tuned. I am going to do another post after this introducing some very gifted women with their original work. I will have the privilege of offering their incredible hand crafted goodies through my website soon. I will keep you posted, so keep an eye out as their will be lots of 'eye candy' for you to enjoy!!!

Amazingly delicious handmade soaps from LaVonne in the US.
- This was at the start -

- and this was all we had left at the end -
Can you tell these delicious handmade soaps were a hit!!
I will be offering the remainder of these gorgeous soaps on my site. Don't miss out they are the most delicious soaps I have ever smelled. You should have heard the comments and the oohing and ahhing that we heard yesterday. Just have to take my word for it, they are so yum and beautiful to use. I use them myself and they are silky smooth and leave you clean and fresh and smelling edible. oxox onto the next post....

Saturday, July 28, 2007

More family pics!

Ok, again with the kiddie pictures lol. Sorry to those of you who don't care about my kids lol. My family look on here too for updates so I put them up for their benefit mainly. Bear with me if you can. This was just a couple of a heap of pics i snapped this afternoon as we played in the backyard. We had a lovely time. I just decided this afternoon that we might have Joshy's and Gracies birthday at the same time next week. Grace is too little to know or care and so is Josh really. Will have to do two cakes and we should be able to pull it off lol. Anyway, just doing last minute things for the market, and clearing my camera ready for use tomorrow. Will show you my stall and bits later on. oxoxo good night all and take care.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Proud as Punch!!

And the winner is my little Liam !! Well done honey. ox

Today was my eldest son Liams School Sports Day. He is only 5 and he was only in one race. But we trained with him and had races for weeks around our house. Mum verses the boys lol. We had a blast. Well all the fun practice paid off today in his 40m sprint. He was all set to do his very best. We told him over and over that all he had to do was his best. Didn't matter if he won or not. But he told me that last night he prayed late at night that God would let him win because mum and dad wished he could win. He asked God to give us our wishes. ahhhh!! How cute is that. He is such a sweet heart. So old for his age and so aware. Anyway so glad he did his best. I asked him at the end if he did his best and he said 'I think so'. lol. Well he won by a mile so i am sure he gave it all he got. He was shaking at the end. Surge of adrenalin. You can see in the photo he is looking around making sure no one was sneaking up on him lol. I am certainly not athletic so he didn't get the gift from me. I used to come 1st in Javelin, and 2nd and 3rd in Discus and Shot Put. So it would be safe to say my strentgh is in my arms. I just wasn't built for speed. Oh well, can't be good at everything can we lol. Anyway, well done little sweet heart. So proud of you. He is already planning for next years race lol. I have my twice a year big market on Sunday so will come back next week with some pics of my stall and let you know how i go. Should be a lot of fun. My precious friend Tammy and I are doing the stall so should be just like old times, when we were business partners. Anyway, talk soon. Shabbat Shalom.

Monday, July 23, 2007

New Product Line!!

Ok, just thought I would let everyone know about my new product line I am offering on my site. All new Soothing Eye and Body Pillows. Perfect for winter. Check them out. I am not planning on making any more so if you want some get them now before they go. I am taking them to a market on Sunday so i don't expect they will last too long. Anyway hope you like them. I have used beautiful quilting fabrics from America. Had a stash ready to make things with but that didn't happen so thought why not make extra pretty hot packs. oxoxo

Sunday, July 22, 2007

How Cute is My Girl?

Just had to share this with you all. Took a bunch of photos of Gracie today and thought I would post one here so you can share in my oohing and ahhing at how blessed I am to have such a delightful daughter. I am sure i couldn't love my children any more than I do or I might burst. The headband Gracie is wearing was made by Natasha Burns. Tash gave Grace a beautiful bundle of gifts when she was born, so thoughtful. Grace turns 1 next week. Such a sweet heart. ox talk soon

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

New Design!

Ok, in case you didn't notice I have just updated my design. Just for fun. Hope you like it. Off to bed for me. It is 1.05am and i am still here. Oh dear. Still need to update the top list with the new banner too. But not now. Must sleep so I can rise before the kids tomorrow and get organised. Chow for now, and sleep tight. ox

Monday, July 16, 2007

New PARIS Range !!

- PARIS Blooms -

To celebrate my decision to discontinue with my web design I have just released a new range of handmade cards. PARIS Bloom and PARIS Roses. Be sure to check them out on my site. Very Frenchy Chic and just the thing to include with your next gift. Or why not make a set of my unique cards that next gift. Be sure to stop by and say hey ok? ox

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Change of Direction !!

Hello all, i am writing this post, before i can change my mind. After much thinking i have decided to discontinue with my web design. I have come to the realisation finally that my children have been given by God as a gift. They are to be cherished and nurtured, trained and loved. I have always struggled to prioritise my time in a way that was satisfactory in my own mind. I have been torn between what i should do and what i wanted to do. Well i have decided to put my family first and for this to happen i need to stop doing that which has been consuming my time and my attention. So i have decided that i will no longer offer web design, business cards or any other custom work. I will continue to expand my new range of cards and giftware as time allows and offer them on my site mainly for wholesale purposes to other shops but also as retail.
This decision has been a long time in coming and i have toyed with it off and on for serveral months now. It hasn't been an easy one to make but i know the sacrifices i am making now will beneift my precious children for the rest of their lives. They are only small once and soon this time will have slipped by never to return again. I am going to seize this moment in their young lives and pour myself into them and into my wonderful husband that has been so very patient with me. I know he will love having my attention and i can only imagine the impact it will have on all of our relationships.
I apologise to all of you who will feel disapointed by this decision. I want to publicly thank Robin of 57 Boutique Street and Boutique Mama, for teaching me all I know about Web Design. Robin, has been such a dear friend and so kindly taught me how to turn my love of graphic design into complete web design. She has been such a blessing in my life and i want to thank her very much for her kindness and generosity. I would recommend Robin to all of you who are looking for design services and can't think of any one I would rather go to than her. If you are looking for custom design then visit her 57 Boutique Street site and for Pre Designed simply gorgeous web designs as well as clear 'how to's on setting up a site, visit her Boutique Mama. I can guarantee you won't need to keep looking. She is simply the best.

So thank you all for your support in my decision to change direction. Thank you also to all of my previous customers who have allowed me the priveledge of designing their sites and allowing my vision into their businesses. I have enjoyed working with you all in seeing your dreams turn into reality. I have had the priviledge of meeting such wonderful and inspiring women. May God Bless you and keep you. talk soon, Ali ox

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

And the Winner is???

The giveaway has now closed and the winner has been drawn. My little precious Gracie did the honours for us. See below for the results....

And the winner is ???


So congratulations to Kerry of Chandelabra. Hope you enjoy your little parcel coming your way hon. Thank you to everyone who joined in the fun. I will start thinking of my next fun giveaway soon too, so stay tuned. Take care all and have a wonderful day.

Ali ox

Last Chance to enter Giveaway!!

Just a last chance call to all who haven't entered my $50 wishlist giveaway and want to do so. I will be drawing the winner in about 10 hours. So don't forget to make yourself a list and go in the draw. Goodnight all and i will announce the winner here tomorrow and also on my website. Talk soon. ox

Thursday, July 5, 2007

My Parcel from Vintage Susie!

Just wanted to show you the gorgeous apron i received the other day from susie of You can still see it on her site home page. It is absolutely gorgeous. I was going to take photos of it to show you but i have been using it since and so thought it looked best displayed on Susie's mannequin best lol. Minus the cooking stains. No not stained just ready for its first wash. I keep it out on display and will use it each and every time i cook up a storm. Just love it. She was also sweet enough to include a beautiful teatowel she had made for me. I am so very grateful. Just so special. I met Sue when she approached me to design her website for her. So we have become good friends since then and i just love her. Such a sweet heart and will make anything you can throw at her. Stop by and check her out. You won't be sorry. ox

Reminder about my $50 Wish List giveaway!!

Just thought I better write another quick post to remind everybody about my $50 Wish List giveaway. See details below. It is a few posts down and has my two latest card pictures at the top. All the best and only 6 days to go. Thanks to all who have entered so far. talk soon, Ali

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Hubby home now.

Just a very quick post to let you know Matty came home safe and sound this morning. The kids are so pleased to have him home now and they have enjoyed playing with him today. He brought home some wooden clogs from Holland, and some other souveneirs he thought we might like lol. So funny the gifts men choose isn't it? Anyway, won't go there lol. So grateful for his thoughtfulness. He is a sweety and never comes home empty handed. Ok have been busy painting all day so my eyes are a bit sore. I will be sure to post some photos of a fun little parcel i received the other day from my dear friend Susie at A gorgeous blue rosy apron that you can see on her welcome page still. So sweet in real life. She has a full version of it on ebay at the moment and if you decide to bid, you won't be dissapointed. I love mine. Anyway, photos to follow. Goodnight one and all.