Wednesday, January 30, 2008

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Sunday, January 20, 2008

A little Holiday Inspiration!

Today I am sharing with you a little holiday inspiration. If you haven't already done some baking with your children over these school holidays, then today might be the day to start. My youngest son who is 3, Joshy, and i did some baking last Thursday and I took some pictures of what we made to hopefully inspire some of you mums to get in and bake something with your little ones too. We had such a lovely time and these recipes are suitable for any age group, 3 and up. Joshy did all of the tipping in and some mixing and rolled the truffles in the coconut. He did a great job and we both had a lovely bonding time in our aprons lol. Hope these pictures and recipes inspire you today. ox

- Ingredients -

4 oz butter

1 pkt plain biscuits (250g)

1 cup of desicated coconut

2 TBLSP of lemon juice

1/2 cup of condensed milk

* * *

- Instructions -

  1. Melt butter and condensed milk over low heat or in microwave.
  2. Crush biscuits and add coconut and lemon juice.
  3. Pour melted mixture over and stir thorougly. Press into a lined 7" x 11" tin.
  4. Cool in fridge then ice with lemon icing and sprinkle with coconut.
  5. Cut into slices and enjoy. Great for freezing and can be taken out when unexpected guest pop in, if it lasts that long without being eaten up lol. Yummo.

- Ingredients -
1 pkt of malt or plain biscuits (crushed)
1 cup of desicated coconut
2-3 TBLSP of cocoa
1 can of condensed milk

* * *

- Instructions -

  1. Crush biscuits, add cocoa & coconut
  2. mix and add can of condensed milk
  3. mix and roll into balls
  4. roll balls in coconut (or chocolate sprinkles, flake for variety)
  5. chill for two hours and eat, or great to freeze as well.
  6. Enjoy!

The Bluebirds Nest Web Design NEW!!

And yet another new design. For details please click here.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Another Design for Sale! Ruby Red and Blue Birds

I have designed another rich and vintage style template for some sweet girl. Price is $250 and includes full installation to either of my hosts. See my website for details and to purchase. Please contact me with any questions you may have. Click here to view this gorgeous design. Thanks for looking and talk soon. Ali ox

New chic Web Design for Sale!!

Well, I have had the itch to design again and have created this gorgeous rosy number using the superb artwork of Gail McCormack. I have decided to offer a few ready designed templates for those looking to start a new little web business or others who may be ready for a new look on an existing site. I work with Pappa Shop and Merchant Moms as hosts and provide complete installation of your design to your site. This design is $250 and is available for immediate installation. For further information and to purchase this design please click here to go directly to my web designs page on Miss Ali's. To view this design click here. To view my portfolio of previous designs visit my other site ADRegan. No Custom designs will be offered for now as time does not permit this at this stage. Thank you for your interest and I look forward to working with you soon. ox Ali

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Oh Dear !! I have changed it again!!

Well, I have just installed the third template in 24 hours lol, to
I liked all of them but decided on a simpler and more classic style. I might just have a stash building up i think lol. I will keep you posted if I decided to offer some new templates. I have had a lovely rest from designing, but had the itch the last day or so. Who knows what other ones I will come up with. Ok, better make some dinner now. oxxo ali

New Design for Miss Ali's & hello at long last!!

Hello everyone, sorry it has been so long. I am back online now thankfully and did miss you all. I started thinking this afternoon how much i have missed my web designing and ended up putting a new design together for Miss Ali's. The blue was a little boring and plain. I will enjoy the change anyway for a bit.

Hubby has been busy converting our play room into a school room for this years home schooling. Almost done now and i plan to post some progress photos once we get sorted out. Been a bit of a disruption but for a good cause. Can't wait till it is finished and the cooler is on. Gets so hot down there in summer. We have had a wonderfully refreshing rain storm here today and as I type it is pouring outside. The kids and I played in the puddles this afternoon and got absolutely drenched. Haven't seen such heavy rain in a while. Our yard is a little flooded and I expect there will be reports of some severe flooding around town. Not so good for the rainy season. I think we need some drainage upgrades or something. Matty and I got flooded 6 months after our wedding. We lost wedding photos and all of our newly gathered things to the flood. It was an adventure though and we have fond memories of our time together, discovering our home under water etc. I will leave that for another post, a story in itself.
Ok off to bed now, it is nearly 1am and i just had to design and install the design by tonight didn't I? Am I crazy? Ok, don't answer that. Hope to catch up with you all soon. Sorry I haven't been around lately. oxoxo hugs n squishes all around. oxoxo Ali

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Internet Down!

Hello friends, I am sitting at my parents computer at the moment and just thought I would let you know that my internet is down at home. Not quite sure why. Tried to call my provider twice and was disconected when I finally got through. So gave up after that as it is my best friends birthday tonight here. So anyway, if you have emailed me and i haven't written back it is either because i didn't get it yet or i can't write back. Hope to get it up tomorrow if I can. Thanks everyone for understanding. Hope everyone is enjoying their new year. oxoxo talk soon Ali ox