Saturday, December 22, 2007

Update on Benji and Banner to share PLEASE!!

Many thanks to the very generous girls who have dontated so far. Not all have left comments but I am sure you will see this banner popping up all over the shabby chic blogland shortly. He really needs all the help you can spare. Here is the latest update from the family.
He is currently in ICU and is expected to stay there for at least another 2 weeks. It costs £1000 per day to stay in ICU not including any medication, surgeries, specialist doctors or other unexpected needs. TLC needs to pay each morning before they will keep him for another day, and also need to pay before they will do surgeries etc. Last night TLC had to pay £2500 before they would admit him, and today they have already dished out about £4000 not including his 4 hour surgery. SO the long and short is that they have cleaned out their bank accounts and desperately NEED more to come in and quickly. Little Bengi's life hangs in the balance here ... Please, please let people know just how serious and literally life saving this money will be.

Please give what you can to help Benji get through this and receive the medical care he needs now. Check out my last post for more details or click here. Make a donation and please if as many of you can spread the word by using this banner on your sites and blogs with a link back to the info page on my website for donations info.
Many thanks to you all and may God bless you richly as you give to Benji and his family. ox Ali

Thursday, December 20, 2007

URGENT plea for Help!!

Benjamin 9 years
This is an urgent and serious blog entry which i really wish I didn't need to write. My best friend Tammy has been working in an orphanage in Johannesburg in the past and is going back to in the coming weeks to assist and give much needed care and love to these little precious children. She was told today that a serious accident has happened involving two of the precious boys from the orphanage who have been adopted by the loving family who run it. Both of the dear boys Tommy and Benjamin were hurt, but Benji is in critical condition with severe burns to his body. He needs your help, prayers and donations if you are able. The orphanage is run completely by donations from around the world. Click here to be taken to their web site TLC for more information about their ministry to the precious orphaned children of South Africa. Here is a photo of Benji and a photo taken yesterday in hospital. Although the family have adpoted Benji, problems with his birth certificate prevented him from being covered by the families medical insurance. So they are in desperate need of assistance. He has been admitted to a private hopsital after a huge deposit was made, and ongoing costs and payment to repay the expenses are now needed. Please if you have it in your heart and are able to help Benji get the ongoing help he needs to survive, please do. Donations can be made to my paypal account at and will be forwarded on as no easy way has been yet set up to receive funds from Australia. I will do a manual deposit into their South African account at a bank when funds are received. Many thanks in advance to the many generous donaters who will lovingly share what they can to help another in such need, especially at this time of the year. Many thanks and please feel free to ask any questions if you have any. I will keep you updated when I am updated. thanks again dear friends, Ali

Benjamin in hospital with severe burns yesterday

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Handmade Cards & Soaps at Miss Ali's

Hello again lovely ones, I know I know, so many posts lately lol. Just thought I would let you know that I have further reduced some of my items on Miss Ali's lol. I keep changing things daily so check back when you can to see. All of my handmade cards are now only $2.50 ea till Dec 31st and the cute mini ones are now only $1.25. Don't miss out at this price they can't last too long. A

lovely selection tied in a ribbon would make the perfect gift. Also my handmade soaps are all reduced too and make a beautiful and thoughtful gift. Guest size are now only $2ea and Full large bars only $4 ea. Don't forget Sale is on Till Dec 31st ONLY. Don't Miss Out. ox talk soon Ali

Introducing The Patchwork Heart, Co

Hello lovely blogging friends. Todays post is a special one as I want to introduce to you a special friend of mine from America. Dear Heather has a lovely website called The Patchwork Heart and you can read her very eloquent and thoughtful blog here too. I first met Heather when she approached me to design her website. We got along famously and have kept in touch over the past year to check how the other was doing. So Heather had a great idea that we do a mutual blog entry on each others blogs to introduce the other to our blogging circles. What a great idea that was. So here it is.

Heather is a wonderful mother of 4 amazing children ages 18, 12, 9 and 6 & creates and designs gorgeous kits to make with the Mother and Daughter in mind. She focuses a lot on daughters and building Godly character and the relationship built between mother and daughter through pursuing worth while goals together. Heather home schools her 3 youngest children and has so for the past 6 years so that is also something that we have in common. As I step into that area next year with my little ones it is so great to know that I will have a friend to talk to and get much needed advice I am sure. Heather is not new to business either and in fact has had her little business for the past 11 years. How she balances her business and her family is another thing I hope to learn from my dear friend. Heather has been happily married to David for 13 years and David also has an online business which he has operated for 7 years now.

Here is a sneak peek at a new product she has created called Soul Seeds. In Heather's delightful words ‘Tucked inside this special seed packet are words of encouragement to affirm your daughter as she walks down the garden path of life. These special cards can be tucked in a letter, left on a pillow, or slid inside a book, to be found later. Plant lovingly in the garden of your daughter’s heart to remind her of your love for her and the quality of her character. Character doesn’t just happen, we need to be seed sowers.’
Heather writes with eloquence and wisdom and I find such pleasure in reading her blog as she muses about life and love. Her faith is strong and her message is clear. I encourage you to visit Heathers delightful website today for a treat. Let her know you stopped by and enjoy your visit with her. Here are some other lovely products Heather offers through her site

Lavender Lovliness

Gingerbread Apron

Prayer Pocket

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Up to 50% OFF Sale at Miss Ali's

Hello lovely ones. Just to let you know that Miss Ali's is having a SALE from now till Dec 31st for all of my wonderful customers. Go check it out and if you have been eyeing something off then now is the time to get it. Lots of little things perfect for a little thoughtful shabby gift for young and old alike. Handmade soaps, childrens gifts, handmade cards, craft supplies etc.

We are all well thanks, and are busy making preparations to begin home schooling next year. I have been doing my training which will equip me with some of the skills i will be needing to allow it to run smoothly. I am enjoying it and look forward very much to what next year will bring.

I hope you are all well and keeping out of mischief. oxo till next time, take care. ox Ali

Monday, November 26, 2007

Big Holiday Renovation Sale at Miss Ali's

I have just received a big order of glass knobs, vintage style hardware and other DIY bits and pieces for your creative pleasure and to celebrate, I am having a big 25% off sale this week only. Get your bits ready for your holiday renovation projects and save. See you at Miss Ali's.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

New Soaps Just Arrived!!

Hello all, just another quick entry to announce the arrival of a new batch of soaps to Miss Ali's. Amongst the old favourites is a few new ones to try to like Wood Violet & Sugar Maple. Pop on over for a real treat. A proper post coming soon I hope. ox Ali

Monday, November 12, 2007

Sweet Sentiments !

I have just added a few more sets of Sweet Sentiments for your pleasure. Such a beautiful selection of vintage roses perfect for the sweetest message for someone you love. Be sure to check them out. All Sweet Sentiment packs come with FREE postage Australia wide. Enjoy. ox Ali

Fun New Ranges at Miss Ali's

'Sweet Sentiments' Range
C Klein Roses 1
Vintage Blooms
Scrap Packs

Hello precious people. Just a very quickie as it is bed time. Big day tomorrow with 4 children. Just wanted to let you all know about some new product ranges I have been working on over the last few days. The very popular Scrap Packs, 'Sweet Sentiments' Ranges and Gift Tags & more coming. Photos show some of the fun variety available. If you are into crafting and working with images whether for card or tag making, scrap booking or collages, then you are in for a treat. The Sweet Setiments Range was designed to be used as is or converted into tags to just say that little something you have been wanting to say to someone special. Anyway, check them out on if you like. Hope you are all well, and will get around to everyones blogs soon I hope. Only so many hours in the day aren't there? I am sure you all understand. Ok preciouses (is that a word? I think not) take care and talk soon. ox Ali

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Our Last Market!

Sue & I

My precious parents came down to see me

We nearly sold out of our handmade soaps again so will be getting more as soon as we can

Yesterday was a mile stone for us. A day of wonderful memories. We had our last market yesterday in Townsville and it was our best yet. So lovely to finish on a high note. My plans for next year include Home schooling Liam and having the other two involved and learning too. Shutting down my wholesale site ADRegan and continueing as long as time permits with Miss Ali's. Our reason for doing yesterday's market was mainly to advertise Miss Ali's to our local customers. We did well and had a lovely day. I have included some photos of our stall for all who missed it. Enjoy the photos and if you see anything there you would like that isn't on our site, please feel free to enquire about it. Take care all and talk soon.

Home Again!!

Matt & I in Thredbo
Liam & Josh at Parliament House
Dream World Below

Thredbo Below

Well my lovlies, I am home again. We have been on a quick 8 day holiday. We headed to Thredbo for a few days in the snow, what was left of it, then to Canberra for a night to see the War Museum and Paliament House, then toTweed Heads for 4 days to Matts Mums new motel. So was very quick but mostly enjoyable lol. Our holidays usually include a few disasters and this trip had me in stitches then tears at one stage up in the snow lol. The final straw was me dropping the camera into the slushy wet snow. With that i went into a fit of uncontrollable laughter and it ended in great sobs lol. Just like my mother. Laugh so hard then cry. Was real tears with deep sobs as so much had gone wrong up till that point. Nothing big just one thing after the other. Oh well, all memories now and fond ones at that. I have included a few pics of our trip above and they have changed order lol. And I had my last market yesterday and will do a quick post about that later today i think. Hope you have all been well in my absence.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Home Tomorrow!!

Hello friends. We are heading home tomorrow. Just at Tweed Heads now and will finish our final part of the journey home tomorrow. Haven't managed to blog while away as we didn't get the computer out to download the photos. Just a quicky now to say hello and will talk again soon. We have been to Thredbo, Canberra and now at Tweed Heads. Will be back on line again properly on Monday. I have my twice a year big market on Sunday so will be busy with that when I get back. Ok hons, have no pics just yet so will sign off and go take the littlies for a swim again. Hope you are all well and will talk soon. ox Ali

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Holiday In the Snow!

Hello lovely friends. I know I know, it has been a while. So sorry about that. It has been crazily busy for me over the last few weeks. With the sale on at ADRegan, Miss Ali orders, and just general mothering of three precious children and hubby away it has been a tad hectic. Ok this one won't be too long either lol. Just wanted to let everyone know that we are heading to the snow tomorrow and will be back online Mon 5th nov. Will post more details and pics when we get back. Have some friends house sitting for us so if you need to contact me urgently then just email and I will check in to see what I need to answer. Before I go i thought i would share some pics of the fun my Joshy and Gracie got up to yesterday with Grandma. They went to a local wildlife park with their grandma and uncle, in a bid to give me some time to get myself ready for the upcoming market which is 2 days after i get back. Anyway, thought my US friends would like to see some Aussie animals. Enjoy the pics and everyone take care while i am gone. Don't miss me too much will you lol. Talk soon. oxoxo Ali

PS. I have put a closed sign up on both websites. Please feel free to place orders though and I will attend to them when I get back. ox
. . .



Joshy & Grandma with Python

with Crocodile

with Cockatoo

feeding Kangaroos

Joshy bravely touching Mr Python