Thursday, May 29, 2008

Change of email !!

I have just been contacted by a friend through my site wondering if I had received her emails, to which i had to say unfortunately not as my adregan email is now non existant. So thought I better notify everyone as all of my old customers have the adregan addy. Please contact me through my site or on here to get my new email addy as I won't publicise it on here for fear of yet more JUNK mail lol. So email me through and you will get it that way. Thanks cuties and so sorry to all of you who thought you were being snobbed. I love you all and am waiting for those redirected emails to come flooding in lol. ox Ali

Michal Negrin in Israel

Just thought I would do a quick post, to celebrate my new design I have put on my site and here at the blog. While I was in Israel I discovered a very talented designer Michal Negrin (I knew of her before this though). She is known for her stationery and fashion statements. Very rich and colourful using vintage images and an eclectic style that is unique to Michal. Well, what a treat it was when I found her shops at the Airport on the way home in Tel Aviv. I had a brief look through as I was a little late so didn't get to stay and soak it all in. But I snapped two pictures that I will share with you. ox

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

New Web Design FEATURE!

Ok, just wanted to feature my latest web design available soon. I really love this one and think it is stiking. Hope someone out there sees it and thinks, yes! that is the one i have been waiting for. It isn't for everyone but I think someone will just love this one for their site. If you are that someone, and you don't see it listed yet at Boutique Mama, then just contact me through my site and we can get you sorted. Ok, enough waffle lol. talk soon, ali

Monday, May 26, 2008

New Web Designs to be listed SOON !

I have been busy designing some new web templates. They will be listed soon at Boutique Mama. If you would like to purchase one of these designs and they are still not listed, please contact me to arrange it. ox thank you for looking, Ali

Monday, May 12, 2008

New Designs at Miss Ali's

Here is a selection of new OOAK Business Card and Web Designs available on Miss Ali's. If you like a business card design I have available and would like me to make a custom web design to match, just ask. Thanks for checking them out and I look forward to talking to you soon.
- Double Sided Business Cards -

- Unique Web Design -

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Home from Jerusalem!

Hello lovley friends, I am back from the Holy Land. I went over with my mother and my brother who booked last minute. It was fabulous to say the least. I will cherish the memories forever. I will attempt to write a brief description below each photo. We joined with a wonderful group of people from all over the world, from the US, Australia (us), New Zealand, Romania, Jordan, Cypress, Israel. What a bunch of people. I am in love with everyone of them and consider them my family. Anyway, I could literally write a book, but not so sure anyone would take the time to read it so will keep it brief for each pic below. I have been so flat out since I got back. It seems that everyone has saved starting a new website, needing new business cards, running out of my gift cards etc, just for when I got back. No complaints here though, it has been a blast. We have slotted very nicely back into schooling again too, and have had to make some tough decisions to ensure I don't give my work more attention than it is due. So I have now alloted times for work and times for everything else that needs to get done, spend time with and focus on. So I am pleased at least to have a plan in place. It is quiet time at our house and the two little ones are asleep while Liam is having his quiet time preparing dinner lol. He was playing but now has started to get the things out for Taco's for tea. Only 4 hours away lol. Anyway, thank you all for your lovely emails welcoming me home and asking about my trip. I will catch up with you all no doubt and look forward to talking to you soon.

Tel Beer Sheba National park (above and below)
Hard hat area!!
Camel riding in the wilderness of Kadesh Barnea. This is where the children of Israel came out of Egypt on their way to the promised land. We were 3km from the Egyptian border right there. We heard gun fire at night, and the border there is very porous. This was one of the highlights of my trip.
We stayed in Bedouin huts and ate off little tables on the floor. Slept on thin matresses and it was so incredible. We ate authentic middle eastern food (of course lol) and it was fantastic. Below was our first lunch soon after arriving, which was 'everyone put on the table what is in your bag and hopefully it will multiply'. And it did, each time we did it. Just like the 'Loaves and the Fishes'.
This was nearing the end of our time and was the flashy part of the tour. The less flashy one fell through so the entire group got to stay here for 3 nights and it was luxury in comparison. Just lovely and the food was amazing too.
These pics are of Masada. Long story with it but I will let you do the research if you are interested. The ruins are from King Herod (the infamous) and includes his palaces and fortress. Later used by Jewish families for refuge from the Romans which ended tragically. But will leave you to find out more.

This is the typical scene on the streets, just inside the Old City walls this was, and we made this route many times over the course of our stay. Just incredible.

Kadesh Barnea again around the campfire. Myself, brother Michael and Mama.
Myself and Mama on a rooftop over looking Jerusalem.
Sorry, lol, back to the camels in Kadesh Barnea. They are all out of order.
Ok, this is Mick and I at the Dead Sea. And below some of the boys floating in the Dead Sea. Mick on this side.
Ok treasures, be blessed in the precious name of Yahshua. Talk soon. ox