Saturday, February 6, 2010

Hello to you all!

Rachel now 5 1/2 months old
Wow, i can't believe it has been about 4 months since I was last on here. That is just crazy. Where has the time gone I ask? Hope you are all well. I must admit I haven't been visiting often and I want to apologise for being such a slack cyber friend to you all.
The boys are back at school now, so the girls and I should find more time for socialising during the day. Should I say, should!! We are all well thank you, This year already has come with it's many challenges and we are always being tested and shaped. We had thought we would head to Brisbane to live this week and went house hunting down there, only to realise through means outside of our own, that we are meant to stay where we are for now. So here we are, staying put and loving it. my wholesale site is still going strong. I have been pondering the addition of a new Retail site though, with the possibility of a brick and mortar one as well, but that is all up in the air, and may never eventuate. Not sure exactly what the future holds. Through trying to source products for myself, and having difficulty it leads me to the next step and makes me wonder if I am having such a hard time finding things, maybe others are too. So that is what got me started again with the Retail idea. My thought is to not only sell a small selection of what I create for but to include other quirky or hard to find gifts. I would like to cater for women and children in particular, but not the usual things you find everywhere. There are enough of most things around but some just aren't easy to locate here in Australia. So that was my plan with that. Anyway, not sure why I am even saying all this, just rambling my thoughts on the keyboard.
Has anyone heard about what is happening over in Israel. Apparently it is being supressed in the Western Media, but the Arab Nations including Syria, Iran and Lebanon etc have begun to surround Israel and are preparing for war. May our Heavenly Father have mercy on His people and the land of Israel.
Take care everyone and talk again real soon. ox Ali