Thursday, August 30, 2007

Miss Ali's Now Open for Business!!

Hello to all of my blogging friends. You may have thought something had happened to me as it has been ages since i posted, so sorry for that. I have been a very busy girl, setting up my new shop

I am very pleased to tell you that I officially opened Miss Ali's today so please when you get a moment stop by and have a look. Love to hear any comments you can spare and any suggestions for improvement if you have any. Should have a bit more time to post now that big job is done. Thanks for visiting and talk soon. oxox Ali

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Miss Ali's It is!!

Thank you so much to all of you who racked your brain on my behalf. I have decided, after all those wonderful suggestions to go with Miss Ali's. I can hear some of you now sighing in desbelief. Why such a plain name you ask lol? Miss is a little Posh and Ali is my name. So it is short and sweet and says what I need it to say. And it is available lol. Most others weren't. I didn't like it but it has grown on me now. So thank you so much to everyone for your wonderful suggestions. I may just have to start a business name suggestions page on ADRegan lol. Ok precious people, so I will be a busy beaver for the next month or so getting set up etc. Will let you all know what progress is being made and of course when Miss Ali's is launched. Thank you again all for your support. It means such a lot to me. xoxo talk soon. ox

Monday, August 6, 2007

In Search of a New Business Name - HELP!!

Just a quick post as I am pulling my hair out. I am starting a new online giftware boutique, exquisite gifts, with a french flavour, mostly handmade by some very talented ladies. Not the usual shabby chic rosy style, will be classical, and neutral colours for the web design.

This is where you come in. I am stuck for a name that sums it all up. I was thinking 'Miss Ali Belle' but my mum says it reminds her of Clarabelle the cow lol. She was a farm girl. And i agree Belle is overused already. Don't want to use Boutique as it is way over done. Mum likes 'Miss Ali's' but I am not sure about that one. I was hoping for a bit of french flavour in it without being unpronouncable by the average person.

Any suggestions you could throw my way would be so appreciated. Don't worry if you aren't sure just give me what you've got floating around in your head. I hope all who read this can offer some suggestions. It needs to sound very classy, sophisticated and not include the words shabby, chic or boutique. So that is today's challenge. Thanks for your brain power. xo Hope to hear some suggestions soon. I would love to purchase my new domain name today so don't hold back. talk soon, Ali

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Todays' Vintage Finds!

This will be very sweet in my studio painted white.
Come in handy for my hanging bits i think.
Very gawdy gold frame which will really shine when i paint it white or cream and add a sweet print. I will keep this one as i love the detail in the corners. Don't find many ornate frames in these parts. So when you do you tend to want to hang on to them.

This was a great find. It is a massive roll of gold round labels. I plan to use this to finish off my parcels instead of ugly tape. I will try and put them through my printer and add 'Thank You' or if they turn out might even use them for my logo. Will have a play and see what i can make with them.

This is a very long mirror, already white and distressed so a good find for me. I actually got 2 of them exactly the same. Not quite sure where i will put them yet. I have one in the studio for now on top of my hutch and another on the kitchen wall beside my fridge. A good space filler for those narrow spots on the wall i suppose. Probably get moved 100 times before it finds its special home.

I have done a studio up this week. Inspired initially by the 'old church' studio I saw on someones blog. sorry can't remember where. And then i saw an article in Romantic Homes Mag, featuring Jo-Anne Colletti's office. So, I had been praying and asking the Lord for a studio, and then realised, it was only me stopping it from happening. I had the room, I just needed to reshuffle. So The Playroom again has become mine and it has been moved further down the way, a perfect set up and a great use of space. Anyway, when i get some better photos of it, i will post them. Not the most amazing decorating just yet, but i decided to use what i had already and will add to it as i go. It is my little corner in the world that i can go to for inspiration. I have a place for everything I create with and a table on which I can map out my plans. A lot of fun. I have a house of 3 boys and my sweet 1 year old Grace and myself. So i was in need of a place to retreat. Ok, better go organise myself to head out to my parents for the afternoon.
PS. I am meeting with my two very talented friends (see post below) tomorrow, and hope to be adding their gorgeous wares to my site this week. Make sure you come back to check them out and buy them of course too. You won't be sorry. Just stunning. talk soon. ox

Cupcakes for a special girl!

Just a quick post to show you my cupcakes for Gracie's party tonight. My baby turns one tomorrow. Can't believe how fast this past year has gone, and how much I could love her. She is just the sweetest natured girl i have ever met. Truly a delight. I so love being Gracies' mother and would have 10 more if I could have them just like her. Anyway, just whipped up some cute cupcakes for her little family birthday tonight. The centre one is hers and will have a little candle in the centre of the flowers. I opted for inividual cupcakes for this birthday for ease of eating etc. Everyone will get there own cake instead of a big one. Not the most creative thing I have ever done lol, but the first cupcakes i have made so not a bad first effort. I will leave the cake decorating for the experts i know that much. Not my specialty by any means. Oh well, at least i had a go and enjoyed myself while i was at it. Ok, Gracie stirring, so must tend to my big one year old now. oxoxo take care everyone please won't you. ox will post some pics of Gracie's birthday maybe tomorrow.
PS. Just quickly, i ducked out to the market this morning and found a few things. Photos to come. No amazing bargains or anything so don't get too excited lol. ox talk soon

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Joshy's 3rd Birthday

Joshy turned 3 yesterday and this is his new bike complete with very noisy horn lol. I think the horn was his favourite part. We had a little party for him last night. It was a nice night and I think he really enjoyed all of the attention. He handled it well. He can tend to go a bit silly sometimes but he was good. Below is my very cute Gracie girl. A perfect poser already lol. Standing there relaxing with Grandma.

And this was Liam or should I say Joshy opening the present. I don't know how many times i had to stop Liam from completely taking over the present unwrapping and then almost snatching the gift right out of poor little Joshy's hands soon as it was revealed lol. He was so excited he forgot who's birthday it was.

Ok, my mum has little Joshy for a treat today, Liam is at school, Gracie in bed so I might just go and have a little rest myself. I have been creating my very own studio the last couple of days and have managed to re-sort my whole downstairs area, complete with Studio, Playroom, Office and Laundry. Needless to say I am had it. Back aching and in need of Sabbath to come quickly this week. Well it is tonight so not long to wait now. I might go and flick through some magazines and maybe get inspired with some new products for my site. Have a great day everyone and thanks for sharing in my family again. Take care, Ali ox