Saturday, December 22, 2007

Update on Benji and Banner to share PLEASE!!

Many thanks to the very generous girls who have dontated so far. Not all have left comments but I am sure you will see this banner popping up all over the shabby chic blogland shortly. He really needs all the help you can spare. Here is the latest update from the family.
He is currently in ICU and is expected to stay there for at least another 2 weeks. It costs £1000 per day to stay in ICU not including any medication, surgeries, specialist doctors or other unexpected needs. TLC needs to pay each morning before they will keep him for another day, and also need to pay before they will do surgeries etc. Last night TLC had to pay £2500 before they would admit him, and today they have already dished out about £4000 not including his 4 hour surgery. SO the long and short is that they have cleaned out their bank accounts and desperately NEED more to come in and quickly. Little Bengi's life hangs in the balance here ... Please, please let people know just how serious and literally life saving this money will be.

Please give what you can to help Benji get through this and receive the medical care he needs now. Check out my last post for more details or click here. Make a donation and please if as many of you can spread the word by using this banner on your sites and blogs with a link back to the info page on my website for donations info.
Many thanks to you all and may God bless you richly as you give to Benji and his family. ox Ali


Natasha Burns said...

I'll add it now Ali, what an awful situation.

Cathy said...


Wishing you and yours a very Merry Holiday Season and a Very Happy New Year.


Sarah said...

Hi Ali,

Wishing you good health & happiness for a wonderful 2008.