Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Oh me Oh my!

Last friday I was beginning to cook dinner and put the oil on to heat up in preparation for the chicken to be cooked. I, as usual, got carried away with the preparation and forgot about the oil. I turned around to see it going up in smoke. So, doris here, goes over to the saucepan and picks it up and begins to wave the whole saucepan up and down to encourage the smoke to disapear lol. I wasn't thinking to well was I? Well of course, as was to be expected the oil jumped out at me and splashed all over my right hand, (my designing hand as the kids call it lol). Boy did it hurt. I screamed out in pain, but do you think anyone came to my aid? Not a one of them. Nice! So I put it under the running cold water for a minute and then it was numb so turned off the tap and continued to cook dinner. Then bathed the kiddies and it was then that I noticed it was still cooking. It was hot and felt like it was burning. I guess I didn't use the cold water for long enough. Anyway, it is healing well. Had a touch of infection there when Gracie caught it with her lovely clean nail lol. What 1 year old has clean hands right? Well it pulled some skin up and then the next day it began to get a bit warm and red around the edges. It has responded well to the Betadine and have put some Vitamin E oil on it and must remember to do it daily a few times. So that is my little drama for you lol. ox talk soon
This is the burns at about 2 hours after it happened.

Reddening up at 4 hours.

Healing nicely after 4 days with a touch of infection, bring on the betadine.

Our precious little Gracie burned her little fingers on the exhaust pipe of our car a couple of weeks ago so she is showing you her little marks too. We are matching now.

Talk soon everyone and hope you are all going well. ox



Linda said...

Hi Ali,
Ouch that must of hurt, I hope it heals really soon.
Cheers Linda

Alison Gibbs said...

Oh Ali, how painful for you. It is a terrible feeling when you can feel it burning away like that.
Hope it heals up real soon
Take care.

Gail McCormack said...

Ouch, Ouch and triple Ouch!!
I've done similar, also had the infection, I ended up having a plastic skin dressing on for awhile, the idea of treating wounds now is to keep them moist and let them heal from the inside...from what I've heard anyway, I certainly aren't an expert.
Now those little chubby hands of Gracie's wouldn't get up to any mischief would they....surely not!

Will email you soon

Katrina Chambers said...

Oh no! You poor thing! Must really hurt. My son got a bad burn on his neck 2 weeks ago which is only just begining to heal. This was his second bad bon fire burn Arrrrr!!!

Hope u feeling better :)