Monday, September 15, 2008

Last Nights Concert

Troy Cassidaly
Gina Jeffries & Beccy Cole
Beccy Cole, Gina Jeffries & Sara Storer
The Songbirds
Matty & the kids

Last night I took the little ones down to see the concert my hubby was working. Matty (hubby) runs a production company here in Townsville. He provides sound, lighting, staging and techs etc for concerts and other proffesional events across Australia, and abroad at times as well. Well anyway, last night he did one here locally so we came along to support him and check out all of his hard work. Fronteirs Services put on a fundraising concert feautring Troy Cassidaly, and The Songbirds (Becky Cole, Gina Jeffries, and Sara Storer). Money raised goes to helping the familes of the Outback who do it tough. So was a fun night and my parents also came along to keep us company. The kids loved it and ran around up the back and hung off Matt for some of it too. He found it a little stressful having them their but at the same time, I am sure he loved us seeing him work too. The truth is I am proud of my husband, we may not always see eye to eye on some things but he works hard and I love that about him. He gives his best and is loved because of that. He has worked with many artists now and I will have to do a post one day with photos of him and the artists he has worked with just for fun, and to show him how much I think of him. He is super sweet and you can check out his main website here.


Gail McCormack said...

Loved reading this post Ali, you have every right to be proud of Matt - I just looked at his website! WOW!!
What a clever couple you are

Katrina Chambers said...

Lucky you! You must get to see some concerts here and there!!! I am going over to look at your hubby's website now :)