Saturday, June 30, 2007

Hubby in Spain!

Just thought i would come on here again lol. I just went to Natasha's blog and she had a pizza recipe on there. So i decided it was time for me to have one lol, now at 10pm at night. Crazy but you should see it. Melted cheese and the works. So just sitting here waiting for it to cook and was thinking about my very precious hubby Matt. He left on Tuesday for Spain. We own an Audio Production company, and his supplier in Spain, offered him a free trip over there to check out there latest speakers. Crazy as the time it took to get there was days, and he has to come all the way back in just over a week. Back on Wednesay our time. I miss him so much already. Here is a picture i took of Matt and the boys last weekend up at the range near where we live.
Matt called me from Tokyo, then Amsterdam, them Madrid, then finally he made it to Valencia Spain. What a long trip. He travelled well up until the last flight from Madrid. He has felt crook for days now. Poor darlin. Anyway, will post some photos from his trip when he returns. Ok Pizza nearly done now, and ahhhhh the aroma. talk soon. ox
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