Wednesday, September 26, 2007

7 Facts you never knew about me!!

Barbara at has tagged me for "7 Random Things." Here is how it works. Once tagged, you give 7 random things about yourself that no one knows and then you tag 7 more bloggers to continue the tag. Then contact each one that you have tagged to let them know.

Ok, this was a tough one for me as I don't often sit and think about myself in this way. But anyway, here is some things you may not know about me.

1. When i left school, i didn't want to get married, and after being pursued by one too many boys throughout my life, I was a little over boys getting so serious so quickly. I wanted to actually go to Africa and be of some help over there. I nearly did on two occasions, both with Doctors families, one as their nanny and the other as a helper in the clinics I guess. Both times as it drew closer I felt the the Lord had other plans and I wasn't meant to go. So alas i stayed. I then packed up my things and headed over to New Zealand, my native land, with the intention of living there and starting a new life. I loved it and actually met up with an old friend who i thought at the time might be my match. But again, on the last day my family was heading home, and the decision of me staying or leaving had to be made, i felt I had to head back to Australia and that I was pursuing the wrong direction. I think within weeks of returning home, I re-met an old school friend, who had tried to woo me years earlier to no avail. I was swept off my feet by this handsome man who had seemed to become rather dashing and a real charmer since i had last seen him. He invited me out for an icecream and the rest is history. We married 6 months later at the yound age of 18. Wow, young isn't it?

2. I have only ever had one real boyfriend, kissed one man and was a virgin when I married him, and so was he. Now that must sound strange these days. I would do it all over again and pray the same for my little ones too.

3. If I had been born a boy my mum had decided she would call me Richard or Gregory lol. Not that Alison is much better but I am thankful I was born a girl.

4. My favourite meal is Taco's with lots of sour cream, and my favourite dessert is Marshmellow yoghurt delight. My brother in laws mothers creation. 1 kg of full cream yoghurt, 1 small container of thickened cream, whipped, and 1 packet of pascalls marshmellows. That's it. So yummy.

5. I have been pregnant 6 times. Three have gone ahead of me to be with the Lord already, and three are with me on earth. My son talks about his brothers and sisters in heaven lol. He looks forward to meeting them.

6. I conceived my last two babies through an OVER consumption of chocolate. Joshy conceived on Cadbury Turkish Delight Chocolate, and Gracie on Nestle Coconut one, (can't think of its name and not available now). I have Polycystic Ovaries's and my first 4 pregnancies required Chlomid to conceive (of which I lost three of the babies). Then the last two pregnancies, were both after a few solid weeks of eating nearly a block of chocolate every couple of days (no joke). You couldn't convince me that chocolate doesn't contain womens hormones. And as soon as I had conceived I couldn't stand eating it. I didn't realise i was but suddenly went off the chocolate, only to find out a few weeks later (both times) that i was with child. I now love Dove Peppermint chocolate lol, but not planning on any more babies just yet.

7. I have always wanted a shop. I have had a gift business before when i was into country decorating. I have had a shabby chic shop run out of my home. My husband and I have a shop (understatment) it is huge. And i have done markets for years. I started selling my books and toys outside our house when i was little and always loved playing shop keepers. My first real job was as a check out chic for a supermarket lol. So...... I am ready for my next adventure. I have two websites at the moment and am itching for a real bricks and mortar shop to play in lol... so keep an eye out as that may be just around the corner.

Thanks for reading my long winded tag post. I think i am supposed to pick another 7 aren't I? Believe it or not this was my first time being tagged? It was quite fun. Who will I pick? If the ones I pick have already done this then, just inore me ok?....


Ok that is 7 so hoping they haven't all been tagged before. Be sure to check out what they have to say about their 7 random facts. oxoxo Ali


Gail McCormack said...

Thanks Ali for sharing your things we don't knows with us, I really enjoyed your stories, I must say I admire you even more than before if that's possible.