Monday, September 24, 2007

Grace locked in Car!!

We just had a big fright. Liam and Josh and Grace were outside packing the car up and Liam finished up putting his toys in and shut the boot, only to notice a little while later that he couldn’t find the keys, and he ended up looking in the car and none other than my precious Gracie was in there and had locked it from the inside with the keys inside. Oh my!!! I got such a fright, I was planning on smashing the window in to rescue my girl. She was happy to start with and had found a bottle of sunscreen which she found quite amusing. She opened the lid and poured it onto the seat and began to play in it. Smeared it on the windows and tasted it a few times. All the while I am frantically telling her to get the keys, ta mama lol. Press the button. She would just grin at me. She grabbed the keys a few times and held them up to the window for me as I was asking for them. It was so frustrating. She was kissing me through the window and I couldn’t even touch her face. Oh I hated the feeling of helplessness. Anyway RACQ finally came and opened it up. The man was pommy and was really lovely. He said it was the second one he had done today. The first one was 2 little twins lol. double trouble. Oh well, just thought I would fill you in. When she came out she was so hot and sweaty. I was thinking, well at least it is cool and not in the sun. Didn’t realise how hot it really was in there. She started to get upset near the end and probably wondered why I wasn’t getting her out. It was breaking my heart. Thankfully we have a great and understanding RACQ and rushed as fast as they could to rescue her. Ok, just thought i would get all that off my chest lol. Please anyone reading this, if you have young children, now might be the time for the lecture on not playing in the car, and make sure they know that children and keys aren't a good combination. Gracie is safe and sound and happy to be safe. My little Liam is on holidays for a few weeks so we have decided to have a little break from work life for a few days. I will be back online on Friday. So until then, have a wonderful week and talk soon. Please feel free to place orders through my websites if you like and i will process them first thing Fri. oxoxo take care all. ox


Gail McCormack said...

Ali that would have been an absolute nightmare! It all turned out Ok thank goodness and your story might save a similar situation happening. Have a wonderful break away.

Anonymous said...

I had a simular thing happen to me when Jess was only little, we have anti car jacking locks/car alarm fitted to our ute & it was playing up & I forgot to take out the keys & she ended up being locked in there. I know your frustration at trying to get them to understand to press the button on the key ring.
So glad she is OK though.. just makes you heart race for a little while.

Natasha Burns said...

Oh nooooo! Thank goodness for the RACQ! Leroy locked me out of the house the other day but he got his little chair and opened it for me, phew. I keep a spare car key in the house in case I lock my key in the car, don't know how expensive they are but it might be worth checking out getting it done!
Isn't Grace a little cutie!!! I can't get over how much she has grown.... wasn't it yesterday she was a newborn??!!!

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

Oh my goodness! She sounds like my grand daughter! One that keeps you on your toes!!! She is a baby doll too! What a cutie! So glad everything is all taken care of and she is safe in her mommy's arms!

PS - you've been tagged! Please visit my site for details! I hope I'm not tagging you with something that you have been tagged for before....