Thursday, September 20, 2007

My Little Angel of Grace!!

My little angel or is she?? She is the sweetest little girl i have ever met but she is often into mischief as well. I am almost convinced she is part mountain goat too lol, as she spends her days climbing on tables, onto computer monitors, into cupboards, up on chairs, you name it she is there. Then she does this gorgeous grunt sound which means, 'help mama, come rescue me'.

Climbing on the kids computer monitor while little Joshy patiently watches his movie lol. I don't think he even noticed to be quite honest.

This is Gracie pretending to be my i think sadly enough. I came in and saw her and grabbed the camera. She turned on a pose for me too by the looks. less than 20 seconds after the photo she was on the desk. Notice the hand on the keyboard while she chats on the phone. She is picking up multi-tasking already isn't she?

My little Angel!!

Found & ate the 'add water to your brush' paint in a choice selection of ruby red. She thought it was a vitamin C i think, as Joshy did the same thing with the bit that was left sitting there after Gracie had her turn of it lol. I should have thrown it straight in the bin. But I came in and Joshy was spitting and saying yuck, he turned to me and there was the same red mouth lol. He showed it to me and said Vitamin C. So funny, i wish i had snapped him too. It was all in hour of each other.

Grace decided that the kitchen cupboard would be a fun place to visit, she quickly changed her mind after several about turns inside it lol.

Well there you have a snap shot of life with my angel & I wouldn't change a thing! oxox


Gail McCormack said...

Oh my Ali, Gracie is adorable, she's certainly doing a good job keeping up with her two big brothers, and looks like she keeps her Mum on her toes too
thanks for sharing her with us


Ali she is absolutely PRECIOUS. Those eyes...WOW, she is going to break some hearts one day! What a little sweetheart getting in the cupboard like that :) Funny things like that are great memories to hold onto arent they.

Thanks for posting pics of your Angel for us, she is a cutie patooty.


Sweet Remembrance said...

Oh Ali...
She is so precious! Adorable...

Sarah said...

Wow little Gracie is such a cutie! What a gorgeous smile she has. Hope you & the rest of the family are well.
Chat soon.