Sunday, April 12, 2009

How blessed are We?

It has been so very long since my last post and for that I apologise. I just have felt like I had nothing worth sharing. But seeing as I got a new background image from a very generous lady and made myself a new matching banner, I thought I better share something with you.

We have just sold our house and had it settle a couple of days ago. We have moved to a new suburb and we are in and so happy in our new home. It is much bigger than the last place we called home. We have been so very blessed and our Precious Father has had His faithful hand over this whole process.

Matt has been away a lot of late which has been hard to take. My emotions have been all over the place with the move and the pregnancy and then being left alone with the three kids so much of the time. To be honest I started to come undone today. I cried alot of the day with so many mixed emotions and a heavy heart. I am yet to find my purpose this year. I have felt so lost and not sure what to do with myself.

Anyway, I won't let it beat me, and will make sure I overcome this heaviness soon. Thank you to all of you who visit me even though it has been so long between posts. I have just started to sort out my new studio here at the new home and have been starting to collect card making things again. I am going to try my hand at real handmade cards without my trusty computer, so that should be fun. I have a friend coming over to get creative with me so that will be nice. See what we come up with and I may post some photos of our first lot of creations if we can come up with some on Tues.

Our pregnancy is progressing well. We have named our little bump Lily already, so we don't have to say 'the baby' or 'it'. We shall see whether she keeps her bump name or takes on a different one as we get closer and more serious about names. For now, Lily sits well with us and it is such a dear name. I am 23 weeks pregnant now and time is going rather quickly. I have been more tired this time around and out of breath a lot of the time. My fitness has hit rock bottom I am afraid and I am already dreaming of the day when Lily will be in my arms and I will be able to get fit and healthy and feel myself again. Counting down the days...

Well I truly hope you are all well. I have been lurking around some of your blogs of late and they really do help me. You inspire me to be creative and I just love looking at all of your finds and creations. I don't seem to get out much so seeing your adventures is the next best thing.

Love to you all and talk again real soon. ox Ali


Natasha Burns said...

Yay congratulations!!! How lovely that Gracie will get a little sister and the boys another little girl to spoil rotten :)
And you two too, of course!! Congrats xox

Natasha Burns said...

OH gosh Ali! When your post came up in google reader, it must have been as soon as you clicked publish. I'm so glad you told me that you wrote words too!
So sorry you're not feeling so lost and not quite yourself. Maybe the hormones aren't helping? It would be super hard looking after three little ones with hubby around, and with him not there, I can't imagine!
I'm glad to hear all is well with Lily (beautiful name!) and your new home.
Take care cutie and relax when you can, maybe eat some can't hurt anyway! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Hello gorgeous Ali,
Wow another girl!
Congratulations to you & your whole family.
I hope the heavy heart thing moves on for you, dont be to hard on yourself though. 3 Children to look after by yourself & having your hubby away is bound to make you feel a little off. Not to mention those pregnancy hormones....
Wow a new home as well, sounds like things have been super busy for you all. Glad the transition went well & hope to see some pics when you have time.
~S~ xxx

Vicki said...

Hi Sweetie
I'm so glad your "lily" is growing well in her safe garden. My little girls name is Lily also. I'm sure the heaviness you feel will move on but you have to allow yourself to have such moments. I call it my cleansing time. Good luck with your new home... may god bless you all
Vic xxx

Chantilly Cottage said...

Hi Sweetpea
Oh My.. Congratulations are certainly in order for you and your family. I had no idea that you were expecting that is just fabulous. 'LILY' is such a beautiful name. That is great news that you have moved to a lovely new home. Sorry to hear you are feeling a little low and I do hope that your heavy heart lifts soon, you certainly have your hands full with three children and another on the way with your hubby away.
Chin up precious girl..
Take care.
Deb xox

Gail McCormack said...

Hi Ali
CONGRATULATIONS on having another sweet little Girl - I love the name and will be interested to see if the baby gets to keep it - bet she will!
I'll write to you soon - something I've been meaning to do!!
It's nice you could share your feelings with us all, I hope it helped you, even just a little bit

lots of love

p.s. your blog is lookings beautiful, can't wait to see your new handmade cards

info said...

Hi Alison
Thank you for sharing your home on Sunday afternoon looking foward to seeing you all again in November
lots love Duck