Thursday, August 2, 2007

Joshy's 3rd Birthday

Joshy turned 3 yesterday and this is his new bike complete with very noisy horn lol. I think the horn was his favourite part. We had a little party for him last night. It was a nice night and I think he really enjoyed all of the attention. He handled it well. He can tend to go a bit silly sometimes but he was good. Below is my very cute Gracie girl. A perfect poser already lol. Standing there relaxing with Grandma.

And this was Liam or should I say Joshy opening the present. I don't know how many times i had to stop Liam from completely taking over the present unwrapping and then almost snatching the gift right out of poor little Joshy's hands soon as it was revealed lol. He was so excited he forgot who's birthday it was.

Ok, my mum has little Joshy for a treat today, Liam is at school, Gracie in bed so I might just go and have a little rest myself. I have been creating my very own studio the last couple of days and have managed to re-sort my whole downstairs area, complete with Studio, Playroom, Office and Laundry. Needless to say I am had it. Back aching and in need of Sabbath to come quickly this week. Well it is tonight so not long to wait now. I might go and flick through some magazines and maybe get inspired with some new products for my site. Have a great day everyone and thanks for sharing in my family again. Take care, Ali ox


Natasha Burns said...

Happy Birthday Josh!!!! Little cuties they all are... LOL poor Liam forgetting it wasn't his birthday!
Hope you got some good relaxation and rest time in there yesterday. Talk soon xooxxo


Hi Ali, I just found you via Natashas blog.
I love your work and have quite a few of your 'Gail' cards.
Your children are absolutely beautiful too. Real little sweethearts.

I will be popping back often.
Take Care,
Shannon :)

Heather ~ Pretty Petals said...

How sweet those pictures are!! Your children are Gorgeous!! Sounds like we have been working on the same thing with the office/ studio...only I am working at a snail's pace! I am hoping when the kids go to school here in a few weeks I will get more done. It is a shame the Target's here won't ship overseas!:(

I don't know if I told you before but I have always been such a fan of your gorgeous work! Have a great day! Heather