Saturday, August 4, 2007

Todays' Vintage Finds!

This will be very sweet in my studio painted white.
Come in handy for my hanging bits i think.
Very gawdy gold frame which will really shine when i paint it white or cream and add a sweet print. I will keep this one as i love the detail in the corners. Don't find many ornate frames in these parts. So when you do you tend to want to hang on to them.

This was a great find. It is a massive roll of gold round labels. I plan to use this to finish off my parcels instead of ugly tape. I will try and put them through my printer and add 'Thank You' or if they turn out might even use them for my logo. Will have a play and see what i can make with them.

This is a very long mirror, already white and distressed so a good find for me. I actually got 2 of them exactly the same. Not quite sure where i will put them yet. I have one in the studio for now on top of my hutch and another on the kitchen wall beside my fridge. A good space filler for those narrow spots on the wall i suppose. Probably get moved 100 times before it finds its special home.

I have done a studio up this week. Inspired initially by the 'old church' studio I saw on someones blog. sorry can't remember where. And then i saw an article in Romantic Homes Mag, featuring Jo-Anne Colletti's office. So, I had been praying and asking the Lord for a studio, and then realised, it was only me stopping it from happening. I had the room, I just needed to reshuffle. So The Playroom again has become mine and it has been moved further down the way, a perfect set up and a great use of space. Anyway, when i get some better photos of it, i will post them. Not the most amazing decorating just yet, but i decided to use what i had already and will add to it as i go. It is my little corner in the world that i can go to for inspiration. I have a place for everything I create with and a table on which I can map out my plans. A lot of fun. I have a house of 3 boys and my sweet 1 year old Grace and myself. So i was in need of a place to retreat. Ok, better go organise myself to head out to my parents for the afternoon.
PS. I am meeting with my two very talented friends (see post below) tomorrow, and hope to be adding their gorgeous wares to my site this week. Make sure you come back to check them out and buy them of course too. You won't be sorry. Just stunning. talk soon. ox



Hi Ali, I know what you mean about getting a studio happening. I look at my office everyday and think YUK, so a few days ago we took to the cupboard with a hammer! it felt so good. Now i just have to get the shelves 'stuff' is all over the floor YIKES.
But like you said, we are the only ones stopping it from happening :)
I love your finds too, especially that frame, its gorgeous, Definately hang on to that one!
Great idea for the gold dots too!

I hope your daughter had a lovely Birthday. Time flies doesnt it.
Oh and the cuppies look divine!

Wow i have sure rattled on :)

Bye for now,

Natasha Burns said...

Fab finds Ali! You did so well!!!! Loving the frame ox

Sweet Remembrance said...

Ali...great treasures! I love the frame. Enjoy...