Monday, August 6, 2007

In Search of a New Business Name - HELP!!

Just a quick post as I am pulling my hair out. I am starting a new online giftware boutique, exquisite gifts, with a french flavour, mostly handmade by some very talented ladies. Not the usual shabby chic rosy style, will be classical, and neutral colours for the web design.

This is where you come in. I am stuck for a name that sums it all up. I was thinking 'Miss Ali Belle' but my mum says it reminds her of Clarabelle the cow lol. She was a farm girl. And i agree Belle is overused already. Don't want to use Boutique as it is way over done. Mum likes 'Miss Ali's' but I am not sure about that one. I was hoping for a bit of french flavour in it without being unpronouncable by the average person.

Any suggestions you could throw my way would be so appreciated. Don't worry if you aren't sure just give me what you've got floating around in your head. I hope all who read this can offer some suggestions. It needs to sound very classy, sophisticated and not include the words shabby, chic or boutique. So that is today's challenge. Thanks for your brain power. xo Hope to hear some suggestions soon. I would love to purchase my new domain name today so don't hold back. talk soon, Ali


Gail said...

"Miss Ali's" simple, elegant and easy to remember.

Misty said...

I like your firsh shot at it and perhaps a toile website like the one you have done up for me in a cream color and dark brown or black might look very classy and unlike anything I have seen.Or perhaps a nice cow print(lol)What ever you do I am sure will be bella! Misty


Hi Ali, I like the 'Miss Ali's' also. Maybe you could pop a french word in there...hmm, i'd have to go to the French dictionary for that....I like Misty's idea of the toile too, perhaps some lavender and sage colours (very french provincial).
cant wait to see what you come up with!

Oh just wanted to tell you also, i'm hosting my very first SWAP, c'mon over and take a peek if you have a moment!

Shannon :)

Sarah said...

Hey Ali,

We have a shop in one of the local towns here, called just simply "So French" it has a cream logo with a black scrolly frame around the outside of the business name. AS I
was in there today while waiting for my dad, I saw they do lots of linen teatowels with a cream backround & a dark red stripe also lots of chunky woven baskets. All very yummy!!!

I also came up with 'The French Country Farmhouse', or 'French Country at Home', or even 'The Provincial Home' I love the word 'amoire', but couldn't think of anything to go with it.

This is fun!!!
Hope this may have helped, also look up the aus gov web site to see what business names are registered. You may be able to mix something from it, with something you already have.
Have fun with it all,

Heather ~ Pretty Petals said...

I like Ali Belle... without the Miss. It has a short cute ring to it!

Good Luck with your new venture! :)

Mum. said...

Simply Exquisite./ Unforgett-a-belle./ Bellisimo.( tho' that's Italian)/

Mum again. said...

Elegance- by Ali / Exclusive Elegance. / Elegance-on-Line. / Alison Debra./Exquisite Creations/ Simply Ali. / Simply Stylish. /Creative Emphasis. /

Anonymous said...

if you want short name, how bout
Le Flavour
as you have used flavour in your sos.

LoriBear said...

I am not really good at this type of thing, I had a hard experience myself coming up with a website name.... When I was reading though you made note that the theme for this was neutral colors....So what about something like "La Creme" it is french and it is a creme...LOL Just something that popped into my weeny brain!
Good Luck your venture sounds wonderful and I cant wait to see it!