Saturday, September 29, 2007

An award or two!!

The Power to Schmooze Award How wonderful. Blogland is a fun, friendly place to be. I won an award from Gail McCormack & Sarah. Thank you girls. The following explains the award. As they says The Power of Schmooze Award is for bloggers who effortlessly weave their way in and out of the blogosphere, leaving friendly trails and smiles, happily making new friends along the way. They don’t limit their visits to only the rich and successful, but spend some time to say hello to new blogs as well. They are the ones who engage others in meaningful conversations, refusing to let it end at a mere hello - all the while fostering a sense of closeness and friendship.What a great description of Blogland.
Now I know I am meant to pass this award on to some more fun people but I fear everyone in blogland must have already had it. So if you haven't and would like to nominate yourself then go for it lol. Hope that is ok! I could spend half a day just looking for one person who hasn't been nominated. Thanks for understanding and thanks to both the girls for choosing me. ox

Thursday, September 27, 2007

New Gowns on Miss Ali's

Melissa of Botanica Courture has just created two more of her exquisite creations. I will post pics of them to give you a look but you can see more if you click on the pics and head over to Miss Ali's. They are all one of a kind creations and each comes with it's own story. ox

Our little holiday!

Our little family just headed up north for a few days this week to get away from it all. Friends of ours sent us to a beach house up near Cairns and it was so lovely. The back yard led down to the beach and we spent such sweet time together and regrouped. I will post a few pics below of us all at the beach. Hope you are enjoying the school holidays, those of you with kids on holidays. It goes too fast for us, and we really treasure having Liam home with us during the holidays.

Take care everyone. ox

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

7 Facts you never knew about me!!

Barbara at has tagged me for "7 Random Things." Here is how it works. Once tagged, you give 7 random things about yourself that no one knows and then you tag 7 more bloggers to continue the tag. Then contact each one that you have tagged to let them know.

Ok, this was a tough one for me as I don't often sit and think about myself in this way. But anyway, here is some things you may not know about me.

1. When i left school, i didn't want to get married, and after being pursued by one too many boys throughout my life, I was a little over boys getting so serious so quickly. I wanted to actually go to Africa and be of some help over there. I nearly did on two occasions, both with Doctors families, one as their nanny and the other as a helper in the clinics I guess. Both times as it drew closer I felt the the Lord had other plans and I wasn't meant to go. So alas i stayed. I then packed up my things and headed over to New Zealand, my native land, with the intention of living there and starting a new life. I loved it and actually met up with an old friend who i thought at the time might be my match. But again, on the last day my family was heading home, and the decision of me staying or leaving had to be made, i felt I had to head back to Australia and that I was pursuing the wrong direction. I think within weeks of returning home, I re-met an old school friend, who had tried to woo me years earlier to no avail. I was swept off my feet by this handsome man who had seemed to become rather dashing and a real charmer since i had last seen him. He invited me out for an icecream and the rest is history. We married 6 months later at the yound age of 18. Wow, young isn't it?

2. I have only ever had one real boyfriend, kissed one man and was a virgin when I married him, and so was he. Now that must sound strange these days. I would do it all over again and pray the same for my little ones too.

3. If I had been born a boy my mum had decided she would call me Richard or Gregory lol. Not that Alison is much better but I am thankful I was born a girl.

4. My favourite meal is Taco's with lots of sour cream, and my favourite dessert is Marshmellow yoghurt delight. My brother in laws mothers creation. 1 kg of full cream yoghurt, 1 small container of thickened cream, whipped, and 1 packet of pascalls marshmellows. That's it. So yummy.

5. I have been pregnant 6 times. Three have gone ahead of me to be with the Lord already, and three are with me on earth. My son talks about his brothers and sisters in heaven lol. He looks forward to meeting them.

6. I conceived my last two babies through an OVER consumption of chocolate. Joshy conceived on Cadbury Turkish Delight Chocolate, and Gracie on Nestle Coconut one, (can't think of its name and not available now). I have Polycystic Ovaries's and my first 4 pregnancies required Chlomid to conceive (of which I lost three of the babies). Then the last two pregnancies, were both after a few solid weeks of eating nearly a block of chocolate every couple of days (no joke). You couldn't convince me that chocolate doesn't contain womens hormones. And as soon as I had conceived I couldn't stand eating it. I didn't realise i was but suddenly went off the chocolate, only to find out a few weeks later (both times) that i was with child. I now love Dove Peppermint chocolate lol, but not planning on any more babies just yet.

7. I have always wanted a shop. I have had a gift business before when i was into country decorating. I have had a shabby chic shop run out of my home. My husband and I have a shop (understatment) it is huge. And i have done markets for years. I started selling my books and toys outside our house when i was little and always loved playing shop keepers. My first real job was as a check out chic for a supermarket lol. So...... I am ready for my next adventure. I have two websites at the moment and am itching for a real bricks and mortar shop to play in lol... so keep an eye out as that may be just around the corner.

Thanks for reading my long winded tag post. I think i am supposed to pick another 7 aren't I? Believe it or not this was my first time being tagged? It was quite fun. Who will I pick? If the ones I pick have already done this then, just inore me ok?....


Ok that is 7 so hoping they haven't all been tagged before. Be sure to check out what they have to say about their 7 random facts. oxoxo Ali

Monday, September 24, 2007

Grace locked in Car!!

We just had a big fright. Liam and Josh and Grace were outside packing the car up and Liam finished up putting his toys in and shut the boot, only to notice a little while later that he couldn’t find the keys, and he ended up looking in the car and none other than my precious Gracie was in there and had locked it from the inside with the keys inside. Oh my!!! I got such a fright, I was planning on smashing the window in to rescue my girl. She was happy to start with and had found a bottle of sunscreen which she found quite amusing. She opened the lid and poured it onto the seat and began to play in it. Smeared it on the windows and tasted it a few times. All the while I am frantically telling her to get the keys, ta mama lol. Press the button. She would just grin at me. She grabbed the keys a few times and held them up to the window for me as I was asking for them. It was so frustrating. She was kissing me through the window and I couldn’t even touch her face. Oh I hated the feeling of helplessness. Anyway RACQ finally came and opened it up. The man was pommy and was really lovely. He said it was the second one he had done today. The first one was 2 little twins lol. double trouble. Oh well, just thought I would fill you in. When she came out she was so hot and sweaty. I was thinking, well at least it is cool and not in the sun. Didn’t realise how hot it really was in there. She started to get upset near the end and probably wondered why I wasn’t getting her out. It was breaking my heart. Thankfully we have a great and understanding RACQ and rushed as fast as they could to rescue her. Ok, just thought i would get all that off my chest lol. Please anyone reading this, if you have young children, now might be the time for the lecture on not playing in the car, and make sure they know that children and keys aren't a good combination. Gracie is safe and sound and happy to be safe. My little Liam is on holidays for a few weeks so we have decided to have a little break from work life for a few days. I will be back online on Friday. So until then, have a wonderful week and talk soon. Please feel free to place orders through my websites if you like and i will process them first thing Fri. oxoxo take care all. ox

Thursday, September 20, 2007

My Little Angel of Grace!!

My little angel or is she?? She is the sweetest little girl i have ever met but she is often into mischief as well. I am almost convinced she is part mountain goat too lol, as she spends her days climbing on tables, onto computer monitors, into cupboards, up on chairs, you name it she is there. Then she does this gorgeous grunt sound which means, 'help mama, come rescue me'.

Climbing on the kids computer monitor while little Joshy patiently watches his movie lol. I don't think he even noticed to be quite honest.

This is Gracie pretending to be my i think sadly enough. I came in and saw her and grabbed the camera. She turned on a pose for me too by the looks. less than 20 seconds after the photo she was on the desk. Notice the hand on the keyboard while she chats on the phone. She is picking up multi-tasking already isn't she?

My little Angel!!

Found & ate the 'add water to your brush' paint in a choice selection of ruby red. She thought it was a vitamin C i think, as Joshy did the same thing with the bit that was left sitting there after Gracie had her turn of it lol. I should have thrown it straight in the bin. But I came in and Joshy was spitting and saying yuck, he turned to me and there was the same red mouth lol. He showed it to me and said Vitamin C. So funny, i wish i had snapped him too. It was all in hour of each other.

Grace decided that the kitchen cupboard would be a fun place to visit, she quickly changed her mind after several about turns inside it lol.

Well there you have a snap shot of life with my angel & I wouldn't change a thing! oxox

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Last Day for Sale!

Beautiful Handmade Soap!!
Going quickly so get some now before it's gone

Today is the last day for Miss Ali's Opening Sale. If you haven't managed to head over there yet then make sure you do before tomorrow for great savings. Sale ends tomorrow Monday 16th Sep. See you there and hope to assist you soon. ox Ali

Sunday, September 9, 2007

10% OFF Everything Storewide !!

Paris Chic Jewellery Roll by Sue of 'A Gentle Touch'

Elsa's Ball Gown by Melissa of 'Botanica Couture'

Black Stunning Evening Bag by Cheryl


Miss Ali's is having an Opening Sale. Head over and find yourself a great gift or two. Sale ends Mon 17th Sep.
Click the photos above to be taken over to the products above. See you there!
ox Miss Ali ox

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Just for Fun!

Hello my dear blogging friend. I had a spare second so thought I better get on here so you all still know I am alive. Talk about a busy girl lately. Anyway, hope you are all doing well. As you know i have just opened my new store Miss Ali's. I keep going to place orders to some wholesalers to fill it up but then remember my aim was to have a showcase for the best of the best handmade giftware. So I have pulled myself up a few times now. I am dedicated to bringing you all the very best loving hands can make. As a special opening fun, I have put together some pretty and fun, stationery sets. Each one contains a theme. The one above is inspired by Paris Chic. It contains a set of my frenchy notepaper set, 5 frenchy gift cards and 3 frenchy mini cards. All with envelopes of course. I only have one finished and on my site but will add more soon as I can source some more pretty ribbon. The sets have an individual value of $40 but as an opening special will be $25 for a short time. That is $15 off. If you haven't stopped by Miss Ali's yet, please do. I would love you to leave me a message in the guestbook to let me know you stopped by. Enjoy your day and talk soon I hope. oxoxo Ali