Thursday, July 5, 2007

My Parcel from Vintage Susie!

Just wanted to show you the gorgeous apron i received the other day from susie of You can still see it on her site home page. It is absolutely gorgeous. I was going to take photos of it to show you but i have been using it since and so thought it looked best displayed on Susie's mannequin best lol. Minus the cooking stains. No not stained just ready for its first wash. I keep it out on display and will use it each and every time i cook up a storm. Just love it. She was also sweet enough to include a beautiful teatowel she had made for me. I am so very grateful. Just so special. I met Sue when she approached me to design her website for her. So we have become good friends since then and i just love her. Such a sweet heart and will make anything you can throw at her. Stop by and check her out. You won't be sorry. ox


Don & Angelina said...

Ali, Love the apron! Great job suzie. I will have to check out your site! Angelina

Natasha Burns said...

I love that apron, it's gorgeous! can just picture you running around in it making cupcakes and play dough!