Sunday, July 29, 2007

A Delight to Behold!!

It is my great pleasure to introduce to you some incredibly talented beautiful women who are without doubt some of the cleverest & most stylish women I know. Below you will enjoy the creations of Sue Betteridge, Melissa Lewis and Cheryl Kealy. Enjoy!

Above: stunning cream handbag by Cheryl Kealy. Paris Chic Jewellery Rolls and stunning coat hangars by Sue Betteridge.

Melissa of 'Botanica Couture' and Sue of 'A Gentle Touch' also mother and daughter
(The apple hasn't fallen far from the tree)
This incredible original Feather Fairy Gown is available FOR SALE
- please enquire for details -
I have the priviledge of selling these incredible works of art through my website and hope to have some to offer you soon. Each is a work of art and will be offered as they become available. Currently this is the only one for sale. I plan to post better pictures of it as soon as I can get them.
These are very original and stunning creations by Melissa Lewis. Melissa has created a handful of the most incredible Fairy gowns. Each is Very Original and Highly Collectible. Created using silk flower petals, bark, leaves, feathers, and all sorts of other fascinating mediums. I couldn't resist and snapped up the lemon gown you can see in some of the pics. It is the most incredible thing I think I have ever seen, and believe me I have seen a lot. I can't stop looking at it. It is sitting proudly above Gracie's cot for now. I bought it as an heirloom and I know Gracie will cherish it always.

I was torn between this gorgeous pink rose gown and the lemon one I ended up choosing. Of course this pink one was snapped up by someone else. The photos do not do them any justice at all. Sorry about that. More coming soon (I hope)

You can see here two gorgeous smaller gowns, these were snapped up within minutes as you can imagine. Has anyone ever seen anything like these?? I am amazed at their intricacy.

Sue Betteridge of 'A Gentle Touch' produces an exquisite line of Chic pamperings. You can see in most of the pictures her styleish flare. Here product ranges include jewellery rolls, make up bags, travel bags, coat hangars, tissue pouches, travel pouches, elegant night wear, sunglass cases, tissue box covers, embroidery scissor pouches and tape measure wraps to name a few. Sue holds classes in her home and passes on her skills to other eager ladies wanting to learn her style of elegance with the needle. Many of Sue's stunning ranges feature hand stiched embroidery and you can be absolutely confident that each and every peice created is a work of art.

These romantic sweet totes were created by the very talented Cheryl Kealy of Toowoomba. I own a few of Cheryl's bags myself and can guarantee you will get lots of comments when you step out in style with one of her beautiful bags.
Ok, well I hope you have enjoyed all of that 'eye candy'. I will keep you posted and let you know as soon as these beautiful products will be available through my site. I look forward to making my site a one stop shop for exquisite handcrafted giftware. Talk soon. ox


Gail McCormack said...

Beautiful work by both ladies, I was given one of Cheryl's little cosmetic bags as a gift and I can guarantee every stitch is perfect. Good luck ladies and look forward to seeing lots more of your wonderful creations.

Ali said...

lol, Gail, your little cosmetic bag was the creation of the very talented Sue, not Cheryl hon. Cheryl makes the totes. ox Just thought I better clarify. ox

Gail said...

Sorry for the mix up, yes I looked again on the little tag and sure enough it says handmade by Sue, sorry Sue, doesn't matter though because both Cheryl and Sue's work is lovely

Wendy Dufty said...

Wow you have more so glad I checked out your web tonight I really hope you will have some of everything to sell to us soon such exquisite work I would love to order some, so be sure to keep me posted.

Ali your a gem to show us what we have been missing out on!! But not for long i hope

Talk soon


Natasha Burns said...

Wow I love those gowns, so gorgeous! The measuring tape and scissor cover things are so different too!!!

Heather ~ Pretty Petals said...

WOW.. I love the measure so cute!! Everything you have shown is just so pretty!