Friday, July 27, 2007

Proud as Punch!!

And the winner is my little Liam !! Well done honey. ox

Today was my eldest son Liams School Sports Day. He is only 5 and he was only in one race. But we trained with him and had races for weeks around our house. Mum verses the boys lol. We had a blast. Well all the fun practice paid off today in his 40m sprint. He was all set to do his very best. We told him over and over that all he had to do was his best. Didn't matter if he won or not. But he told me that last night he prayed late at night that God would let him win because mum and dad wished he could win. He asked God to give us our wishes. ahhhh!! How cute is that. He is such a sweet heart. So old for his age and so aware. Anyway so glad he did his best. I asked him at the end if he did his best and he said 'I think so'. lol. Well he won by a mile so i am sure he gave it all he got. He was shaking at the end. Surge of adrenalin. You can see in the photo he is looking around making sure no one was sneaking up on him lol. I am certainly not athletic so he didn't get the gift from me. I used to come 1st in Javelin, and 2nd and 3rd in Discus and Shot Put. So it would be safe to say my strentgh is in my arms. I just wasn't built for speed. Oh well, can't be good at everything can we lol. Anyway, well done little sweet heart. So proud of you. He is already planning for next years race lol. I have my twice a year big market on Sunday so will come back next week with some pics of my stall and let you know how i go. Should be a lot of fun. My precious friend Tammy and I are doing the stall so should be just like old times, when we were business partners. Anyway, talk soon. Shabbat Shalom.


Sarah said...

GO LIAM - What a star***
Ali, you must be so proud!
Hope the weather is nice for your market this weekend, have loads of fun.

Natasha Burns said...

Woohoo well done Liam!!! So wonderful that he did his best and what a bonus to win too!!! Had a little chuckle about your athletic prowess Ali! Sounds like me too, though I was only any good at discus. The rest, last all the time as a kid and boy did I detest sports days where I would be last and felt humiliated in front of everyone. Put me back in the art room at school and I felt good again!
Enjoy your market, I am sure you and Tammy will do so well!!!
Natasha xo