Monday, July 23, 2007

New Product Line!!

Ok, just thought I would let everyone know about my new product line I am offering on my site. All new Soothing Eye and Body Pillows. Perfect for winter. Check them out. I am not planning on making any more so if you want some get them now before they go. I am taking them to a market on Sunday so i don't expect they will last too long. Anyway hope you like them. I have used beautiful quilting fabrics from America. Had a stash ready to make things with but that didn't happen so thought why not make extra pretty hot packs. oxoxo


Anonymous said...

Hi Ali,
I love your beautiful eye pillows. Your baby girl is an absolute sweetie, must take after her mum.
Talk soon

Anonymous said...

Hi Ali,
Thanks so much for visiting my new blog ~ I really appreciate it!! I can see that blogging can quickly become addictive...I think it's happening to me already!

These little pillows are just adorable! Good luck with them!!

Catch up with you again soon,
Kathy xo

Sweet Remembrance said...

How are you? So glad to hear from you! Have fun at market and I am adding your blog to my list too!
Thanx for everything...