Sunday, July 15, 2007

Change of Direction !!

Hello all, i am writing this post, before i can change my mind. After much thinking i have decided to discontinue with my web design. I have come to the realisation finally that my children have been given by God as a gift. They are to be cherished and nurtured, trained and loved. I have always struggled to prioritise my time in a way that was satisfactory in my own mind. I have been torn between what i should do and what i wanted to do. Well i have decided to put my family first and for this to happen i need to stop doing that which has been consuming my time and my attention. So i have decided that i will no longer offer web design, business cards or any other custom work. I will continue to expand my new range of cards and giftware as time allows and offer them on my site mainly for wholesale purposes to other shops but also as retail.
This decision has been a long time in coming and i have toyed with it off and on for serveral months now. It hasn't been an easy one to make but i know the sacrifices i am making now will beneift my precious children for the rest of their lives. They are only small once and soon this time will have slipped by never to return again. I am going to seize this moment in their young lives and pour myself into them and into my wonderful husband that has been so very patient with me. I know he will love having my attention and i can only imagine the impact it will have on all of our relationships.
I apologise to all of you who will feel disapointed by this decision. I want to publicly thank Robin of 57 Boutique Street and Boutique Mama, for teaching me all I know about Web Design. Robin, has been such a dear friend and so kindly taught me how to turn my love of graphic design into complete web design. She has been such a blessing in my life and i want to thank her very much for her kindness and generosity. I would recommend Robin to all of you who are looking for design services and can't think of any one I would rather go to than her. If you are looking for custom design then visit her 57 Boutique Street site and for Pre Designed simply gorgeous web designs as well as clear 'how to's on setting up a site, visit her Boutique Mama. I can guarantee you won't need to keep looking. She is simply the best.

So thank you all for your support in my decision to change direction. Thank you also to all of my previous customers who have allowed me the priveledge of designing their sites and allowing my vision into their businesses. I have enjoyed working with you all in seeing your dreams turn into reality. I have had the priviledge of meeting such wonderful and inspiring women. May God Bless you and keep you. talk soon, Ali ox


The Paris Apartment said...

i spent a good long time going thru the websites you designed and was just about to ask you for a redo. but i understand completely about making time for the important's the best part of life, enjoy your time with your angels!

Natasha Burns said...

Hey there cutie,
Sad to hear we won't be seeing your graphics any more in websites for a long while, but you have to do what is right for you and I hope you are feeling better about it having decided now. You can always come back to it later down the track if you want to, when all the kiddies are at school, if you don't have another 6 that is!!! LOL! xoxo

Sweet Remembrance said...

Oh Ali...Your beautiful work will be missed but as a mom I know where you are coming from!
Love your new design, take care and thanks for all your help!