Sunday, July 29, 2007

Yesterday's Market !!

Well, I am back. I had my big twice a year market yesterday here in Sunny Townsville. We went really well and had a lovely day. The weather was great and there was a steady stream of customers. I have added some pics for you to see if anyone is interested. I had the priviledge of offering the gorgeous work of Gail McCormack on my stall and it was the first time I had offered her beautiful art work in my home town. Needless to say it was a big hit and we had people lined up waiting to purchase their peice of Gail. At this market there is a strict 8.30am start time so the serious buyers get there early and stake there claim and soon as it ticks over to 8.30am they go for it. I had ladies barring prints so no one else could beat them to it lol. So thank you so much to my dear friend Gail for allowing me to showcase her delightful gifts to our local ladies. I am sure you will be getting many new customers Gail as I handed out a heap of your cards to undecided customers who I directed to your site for their final purchases. Hope you hear from some of them soon. Ok, enjoy the pics everyone and I would love to hear everyones comments or suggestions for next time. And stay tuned. I am going to do another post after this introducing some very gifted women with their original work. I will have the privilege of offering their incredible hand crafted goodies through my website soon. I will keep you posted, so keep an eye out as their will be lots of 'eye candy' for you to enjoy!!!

Amazingly delicious handmade soaps from LaVonne in the US.
- This was at the start -

- and this was all we had left at the end -
Can you tell these delicious handmade soaps were a hit!!
I will be offering the remainder of these gorgeous soaps on my site. Don't miss out they are the most delicious soaps I have ever smelled. You should have heard the comments and the oohing and ahhing that we heard yesterday. Just have to take my word for it, they are so yum and beautiful to use. I use them myself and they are silky smooth and leave you clean and fresh and smelling edible. oxox onto the next post....


Heather ~ Pretty Petals said...

Hi Ali, thank you so much for visiting my blog and your sweet comments. Natasha has spoken highly of you and it is so nice to meet you!!

Your booth looks gorgeous and I wouldn't change a thing. Glad you had a sucessful show...the soap looks sooo yummy!

your little ones are so adorable... loved reading about the race!

with kindness,

Anonymous said...

Hi Ali,
Your market stall looks just devine, no wonder you had ladies lining up for things.
I have a huge thing on presentation, & your stall hit the jackpot.
I wish we were closer in distance to each other, because I would have loved to come & have a look (and purchase!)Hope you are haveing a day of rest today, you have sure earned it.


Wendy Dufty said...

Ok, we have made our mistakes over the past 4/5 emails LOL but I couldn't find your soap!!! I can order out of stock iem, 2 cards the same etc LOLLL a lot!

But your beautiful soap I didn't find, HELP Again!!

Always Wendy:)

Natasha Burns said...

Well done Ali! Sounds like it was a great success!!!

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

What a gorgeous display. I have admired your work from afar and now have a chance to let you know!